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  1. Hello there, Michael!

    Thanks for the interesting feedback - I've forwarded it to our art director. Have you, perchance, done any animation yourself?

    Also, please, allow me to change your nickname and give you posting rights (if you don't have them yet). What would you like your nickname to be?
  2. Hey there! Love the game, but couple issues which I think need revision:

    1. The spell "protection from arrows", and its variants should have some type of animation when the character is struck with arrows, similar to the resist energy spell. In the same note, spells like "firebrand" should cause the weapon of the enchanted to engulf in flame. The asset already exists on flaming enchanted weapons, all that needs to be done is it be added.

    2. The casting animations fall flat, because they dont have a launch sequence. IE, When casting fireball, there is no outstretched hand to launch the spell. It just defaults to the combat stance, with no ending launch animation. It really neuters the feel of magic.

    One last thing, the summon spells should really take advantage of the animation you already have in game for npcs. The npc summons use the dimensional door asset to summon creatures. IMO this is a far superior animation to what is currently in game, and the asset already exists.
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