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  1. Yay, that was exactly what I planned on doing.
    I will let you all know If I encounter anything that would be simple to change to allow mods; potentially even things that I make for reading non-data structures in unity to allow for more modding.
    I will not distribute any of those things (or the code changes that allow them) without permission first.

    If I get into any situations where I have to rewrite a DLL (IE disassemble and reassemble the code post rewrite) to get a mod working, I would not distribute it without permission.
  2. Hello,

    I wasn't sure If I should bring this up in the forums proper yet.
    Due to the fact that it uses unity and C#, it is very easy to get decompile the Source code and Data in Kingmaker, and then put it back through Unity to edit and test things.

    Do you mind If I look into a simple way to make mods for Kingmaker?
    Or are there modding tools already in development?
    Do you all want information on parts of the game that are not exposed in the Beta? Specifically having to do with item and level implementations?

    I would like to be clear that I have no intention of pulling assets out of the game or creating anything (except Mods for Kingmaker) based off of the game. Its just that the thing that kept Neverwinter nights alive and well was its modding community and I would like to make sure that this game has the same lasting impact if possible.
  3. I am in the Beta, and I noticed you all added a patch to 0.3.1. can you provide me with the patch notes by chance? I cant find them anywhere.
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