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  1. Blakemoor fight. What's the deal with this?

    1. You can't use any buffs with less than several hours duration (as is basically none that make a difference)

    2. Blakemoor dies seconds into the fight. Just gets splattered, even if he gets the...
  2. Alrighty then

    Alrighty then
  3. South Narlmarches region upgrade.. How to unlock?

    Thousand Voices and Pitax are the only regions I don't control and all the others I have save South Narlmarches, have the region upgrades. I've checked and I believe I've revealed all areas around...
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    Well it's presented like we can accept these...

    Well it's presented like we can accept these people being persecuted in other lands or instead of that let's make a newspaper for our citizens living elsewhere who are free to come and go and are...
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    What is Linzi's logic here?

    I'm not quite seeing the link here, how opening Publishing Houses abroad has anything to do with helping refugees, asylum seekers and the like.

    Furthermore, if our...
  6. Lightning Bolt is far inferior to Fireball.

    Lightning Bolt is far inferior to Fireball because of game design.
    Both spells are the same level, do the same damage, and have the same save so that's a tie. The only difference is element and area...
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