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    RPG Codex is raising funds to add a quest to Pathfinder: Kingmaker

    The money will go to Owlcat of course. The campaign stands currently at $3,700.

    Also, the RPG Codex still offers the Kickstarter rewards (endorsed by Owlcat) at their campaign prices. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, consider backing through the RPG Codex. The campaign will run until August 10th.

    You find it here:

    Here follows more info pertaining to the quest:
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    Concept for a building, called The Codex, and quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

    In the palace

    A clearly shaken guard enters the palace and hurries towards you. With a frightened voice he reports: "Your grace, a powerful mage has appeared in the ruined watchtower facing the town square and said that he will tear this place apart, if it is necessary in his search for a gateway to," he pauses a moment, "--I didn't catch the name." He sighs. "I was too frightened. He just turned Miller who was with me on guard duty into stone and claimed that he is a dark underlord. I ran as fast as I could to report to your grace without delay." A moment later he adds: "He is a kobold."

    "A kobold, you say? Let me investigate."

    In the ruined watchtower

    You enter the watchtower in full armor and in the company of your trusted party, everyone fully armed. You spot the interloper immediately. He is indeed a kobold in a richly embroidered robe sitting on a makeshift bench.

    You approach: "I heard you are threatening our citizens and I will not—"

    "No, no, you are getting it all wrong. I am not interested in this place. There are much bigger powers at work and your best chance is that they won't take an interest in you. I am merely passing through in my search of the gate to Ranglator."

    "What with the guard you turned to stone?"

    The kobold grins, "Merely a cantrip. He lacked courtesy and will reanimate before noon."

    You grit your teeth, "What is this intrusion about?"

    "You see, I can provide you with lore and priceless knowledge in exchange for your help."

    * * *​

    The general concept is to have a mysterious character providing you with lore and sending you on a well-written quest that demonstrates Codexian writing prowess and mostly utilizes assets already in the game to keep implementation costs to a minimum. The kobold claims to be a dark underlord (DU). Naturally the citizenry scoffs at this notion. The kobold makes up for his small size with a mean tongue and shows enough magic aptitude that there remains a measure of uncertainty whether his bold claims could be — against all odds — true.

    The quest has multiple stages, each asking you to acquire a rune. Upon receiving each rune the DU extracts a small polished pearl from it and hands the rune back to you, stating that you will need these to unlock a bigger mystery.

    Each quest stage sends you in search of the carrier of a rune whom you will meet in a random encounter area.

    The general idea is that we do quality encounter design (it's one thing to round up on games for poor encounter design, but another to demonstrate how it goes), including extraordinary composition of the target's party with interesting and skilled combatants, lots of synergy effects and proper level-up scaling.

    Naturally, we should provide more options for the encounters that offer alternate solutions through dialog, stealth, alignment and more. Plus the encounters should provide narrative, like the enemy boss giving you cryptic hints with his dying breaths about who the DU truly is and how you may thwart him.

    Regarding lore, the DU should have a handful of books with Pathfinder lore on his shelf in the watchtower. But this lore will be written with a twist, authored by a supposedly famous figure, for example a disturbed mystic. Each book of lore will provide an observant reader with hints how to find and engage a rune carrier.

    Additionally, the entire quest chain should have an alternative solution with a better reward for exceptionally smart players who get the rune carriers to talk in confidence and reveal clues about the alternative. It could easily be cryptic enough that only a small fraction of the players figure this out.

    Comments are welcome. If we raise enough funds, we will open the quest design to interested community members. There is lots of work to make the quest interesting and to write the necessary dialog and reactivity for different alignments/character classes/races. No design by committee though, we will have clear creative direction and vision.

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    To be honest not a fan of the opening. The crazy wacky kobold is kind of a gimmicky framing device. The rest of the quest sounds intriguing but could also be framed as a mystery. Decipher an encoded scroll to uncover a lost dragons lair.

    For example: PCs are fighting a random bandit camp but on one they find a cryptic note. The PC cant decipher it but they find an underworld character who can. It speaks to a dragon hoarde protected by 3 magical wards. Over the course of their adventures the PC finds others searching for this and finds the location of the 3 runes. Finally the PCs unlock the dragon lair... and find a sleeping dragon! Can they sneak past it? fight it? Make a deal with the dragon?

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    Interesting. I suppose this could be done as we have this nice interactive adventure book in the game, so that we can build (mostly) whatever we like without the burden of creating detailed 3D environments. Combined with fights in a random encounter area (again to avoid putting a burden on the devs) and quality encounter design there is lots of potential.

    A kobold is not a requirement, though I would like a quest giver from a race that is associated with the underworld and preferably has a tendency to an evil alignment. Needless to say that this race must be certain to be in the game.

    There always needs to be a mystery, one way or another. I kind of like that the quest might look like a fetch quest for the unaware, but if you care to look deeper you will discover a snake's double crossing and many different ways how the quest can unfold.

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