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    kingdom atmosphere suggestions

    love the idea of a npc kingdom
    so here are some ideas for low cost athmospheric changes, because sometimes it's the small details that matter and add flavour:

    local guards: colour match your crest, equipment quality changes (nwn2), species added to the guard based on alliances

    banners, crests, local street lightning changing with alignment

    taxes and wellfare affect wall and road textures, sideroad and window flowers ( if you have any ) ,maybe even wells and shops ( fable 3 ), peoples clothes

    placement of characters adding characters like guars, gawkers and hawkers on roads the more you expand, from weakling guards ( maybe shivering in the dark at a lone guardpost) to chalenging strong patrols, maybe with mounts


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    There's a lot of room, I think, for adjusting guard (soldier/army) composition based on what kind of kingdom you run. Maybe monasteries dominate your lands and you have predominantly monk warriors. Perhaps a mighty cathedral graces each of your cities and favors you with silvery paladins. Perhaps you maintain close ties to nature and correspondingly have vast numbers of rangers. Black markets could allow for more rag-tag mercenaries and rogues to form the backbone of your military. And so forth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmin View Post
    taxes and wellfare affect wall and road textures, sideroad and window flowers ( if you have any ) ,maybe even wells and shops ( fable 3 ), peoples clothes
    And the graphics in the game too. it will be cool)

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    i would definitely go for true neutral ( which i never play) if it allowed for attracting the most races and the most varied citizens on your streets !

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    Since the game is set to take place across several years, it would be interesting if the things that can be changed end up altered based on which point you're at in the game. Get a stonemason in the beginning, for instance, and you see more statues around town by the end of the game. Or see the changes made in shops or districts around town across time and as you bring things in or find them in your adventures, whether this is different shopkeepers whom you save on the road or different races visiting more based on your diplomatic score.

    I'm also curious how much we will be able to customize the castle proper. Dragon Age Inquisition allowed for changing statues and carpets and drapes, the crown and the decor proper, and while changes on that level would be a bit much here, it would be pretty awesome if the Great Hall of the baron's keep had statues made in his/her honour due to quests accomplished, or if there were room for trophies tied to major plot points and significant side quests.

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