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    I fully support Praguepride on book management system.
    Let us keep all the books and notes in a "library log" or a "book shelf", just not in general inventory.

    But I have to disagree about PoE books.
    Obsidian established an absolutely new setting, impressivly deep and thought out.
    And the best way to reveal it, at least partially, to the players is via books and notes.
    For someone who is not interested in lore, there's no need to read these books anyway.
    And for those who are - it's nearly the only source of information, excluding diaglogs with NPCs which show mostly their personal take on things.

    But in the end it all boils down to the quality of writing and personal preferences.
    A good example of it would be the new-ish Torment: Tides of Numenera game.
    Some NPC, to my tastes, are interesting and well written. Others just bury you in a heap of boring text.

    So the more books, the better. But better books are better still. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post
    So, basically, that's what I want out of my documents: I want Documents to be unique both visually and in what they say. I want the documents to tell a story that's related to my character in the game, even if the story is that the document's author is a bumbling idiot that is lucky to still be alive and my Character probably wants to wring their fool neck for being so actively unhelpful (thanks Diablo and Neverwinter Nights!). I want them to be interesting and well written. I want them to be sortable (both by plot relevance and by what I've already read). And finally, I don't actually want all of them to be documents. I want some to be bestiary entries, or Journal entries which update in my quest log, and some to be rooms or statues or artifacts.
    Quote Originally Posted by praguepride View Post
    1) Plot/Quest Specific: Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the journal system for these. You read the note, and a message pops up saying "recorded in your quest log" and then it DISAPPEARS!!! PoE did this horribly because every note is labeled "Bloody note" or "Scrawled note" or "Crumpled note" and one of those is important for deciphering a clue to a quest while the others are shopping lists. GOOD LUCK FIGURING OUT WHICH IS WHICH. I hate hate hate having to sort through item after item that was clearly quest specific. In PoE it even dumps the notes in your special "quest item only" section but if you have a lot of active quests they get lumped together and you're spent pawing through your scrap collection trying to figure out whether it was the crumpled note or the crumbled note that had the riddle you had to solve.

    Instead of buggering up our inventory just copy it over to the quest log and MAKE IT DISAPPEAR so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I don't need a reminder in my inventory that sells for 1cp and just clogs up the game. When you read one of those important quest notes a message in the log can say "copied to the journal" and then poof, it never needs to be looked at again!
    Quote Originally Posted by Nortar View Post
    I fully support Praguepride on book management system.
    Let us keep all the books and notes in a "library log" or a "book shelf", just not in general inventory.
    I also fully support PraguePride in fully supporting me in my push for separating Quest relevant books into journal entries rather than in your inventory.

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    Ive been pushing through PoE lately and it was bugging me :P

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