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    Open Beta Test for Version 1.2!

    Dear pathfinders,

    We are happy to inform that the Beta of Version 1.2 is available for everyone.

    Just to remind you:

    - all you need to do to participate is switch to the "betatest" branch and enter the code "Ms0SJWRhSRuo". Find detailed info and instructions over here: . Those players who took part in the Beta test for Version 1.1 will just have to switch to the "betatest" branch and update the version.
    - you will be able to send us your thoughts together with all the required information (a screenshot and a save file are collected automatically) by pressing F11 and clicking on the "Report bug" button attached to right edge of the screen. You could also really help us out by turning on logs (here's a how-to: Doing so enables the "Report bug" button to also send us your logs, but makes the game a bit slower, so you might want to turn logging off after taking part in the beta.

    Be aware that you will have to download around 18 Gb to take part in the Beta! The reason the update is so big is that we are working on the loading time issue, so we had to repack almost all game data.

    NB: In response to player requests, we've started looking for ways to decrease loading time. We've made a few adjustments in the current version of 1.2, and we'd like to see how they're faring.

    Please, if you're taking part in the open beta for 1.2, tell us whether you've experienced any change in loading times over here: Be sure to include info about your set-up - we're mostly interested in your processor and your hard drive speed.

    Please, be aware of the plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!


    A dialogue option discussing Valerie's scar didn't disappear from her dialogue even after completing her quest. Resolution: fixed.
    From now on, Irlene will take the Chest of Genuine Gemstones from the player when the player delivers it during her quest.
    The dialogue with Jubilost about the "Inconsequential debates" never ended if the quest was failed. Resolution: fixed.
    In the "Twice-Born Warlord" chapter, being able to save Nilak (and Dugath, if he survived so far) depended on whether the player is doing the "Flintrock Grassland" area before or after confronting Tristian at the "Abandoned Keep" area. If the players come late to the Flintrock Grassland, they find Nilak (and Dugath) already dead. We removed this dependency from the conditions to Nilak's (and Dugath's) survival to make Amiri's personal quest more consistent.
    The "Help Amiri kill another mighty monster" objective could be missing after completion of the "Help Amiri kill Tuskgutter" objective in rare cases. Resolution: fixed.


    The dialogue option to ask Kharne Vereel about his shady dealings during the Rushlight tournament is now locked until the player finds out about them from other characters.
    Skillchecks for the "Trial of Strength" and the "Trial by Pain" illustrated events could be triggered multiple times at the "Armag's Tomb" area. Resolution: fixed.
    The "Wild Energies" debuff could get stuck on characters when leaving the basement of the "House At The Edge Of Time" area using the staircase to the second floor. Resolution: fixed. For affected saves where the party are still in the "House At The Edge Of Time" area, players have to visit the ruined basement part and leave it again to remove the debuff.
    There could simultaneously exist two Tartuks at the "Ruined Warehouse" area in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
    NPC banters disappeared too fast in Varnhold. Resolution: fixed.
    Briar didn't disappear from the Inventory when players gave it to Nyrissa. Resolution: fixed.
    The "Vordakai's Tomb" area couldn't be found before the opening the Gates to the Valley of the Dead. Resolution: fixed.
    Lootable dead body was not visible at the "Wolf Lair" area. Resolution: fixed.
    Provided conditions to Amiri's companion dialogue to keep it from becoming overburdened with the growing number of dialogue options.
    The diplomacy checks in Darven's dialogue in the Capital were incorrect. Resolution: fixed.
    Trolls and Kobolds didn't turn into dust after death at the "Troll Lair" area in the last chapter. Resolution: fixed.
    Creatures were not reachable in the main hall at the "Troll Lair" area in the last chapter. Resolution: fixed.
    Amiri could be paralyzed, wounded or fatigued at the start of her quest at the "Flintlock grasslands" area. Resolution: fixed.
    A secret door opened mechanically but not visually in the library at the "House at the Edge of Time" area. Resolution: fixed.
    Rikri Sharvan had the wrong portrait during dialogue. Resolution: fixed.
    Changed the order of the traveling portals as they occur in the illustrated event in the final chapter. The four portals on top of the list will lead to areas where the Lantern King's curse is lifted.
    Changed the text in the CG option in the dialogue with Hannis Drelev in Irovetti's Palace to better represent the CG alignment.
    The Incorruptible Petal glaive used to be in the "Whiterose Abbey" area and is in the "Pitax Royal Palace" area now. Vice versa, the Ring of Chaos item is in the "Whiterose Abbey" area.
    Added the tooltips for area pointers for houses in region villages.
    Clarified a dialogue option available while discussing the search for Armag's Tomb with Linzi.
    Characters could leave the map and get stuck at the final area. Resolution: fixed.
    The robbed woman at the "Bridge of Gudrin River" area now points the player in the right direction if asked about where she was robbed.
    Lowered some of the Diplomacy and Intimidation difficulty checks for Amiri at the "Flintrock Grasslands" area.
    Fixed a bug in the first dialogue with the raven in Vordakai's Tomb.
    Dugath was too lazy to take part in the barbarians' meeting on exit from the "Armag's Tomb" area. Resolution: fixed.
    Invisible monsters could appear after loading the game during the battle with pirates in the Pitax Tavern. Resolution: fixed.
    The arguing peasants at the capital in chapter 3 have now learned to pronounce their names properly.
    Fixed a possible bug in Ivar's dialogue at the cliff. Affected players should be able to talk to Ivar once again and finish the dialogue correctly.
    The camera was not controllable after introduction dialogues at the "Pine Patch" area. Resolution: fixed.
    Inclement weather is no longer triggered in safe areas like the Capital Square. Characters in a safe area now ignore all slowing effects and always move at full speed.
    Characters could get an incorrect amount of damage or the wrong disease during the "Kobold Trail" event. Resolution: fixed.


    The Safe Refuge event didn't change stats for all of the results if resolved by a Regent. Resolution: fixed.
    Added a CE option (in addition to the CG one) to spare the priestess of Lamashtu at the "Secluded Lodge" area.
    Wrong rotation of the scaffold of the University building. Resolution: fixed.
    The "Flight from a God" event didn't change stats for all of the results if resolved by a Councilor. Resolution: fixed.
    Answers that would cost BP or gold now contain a warning during kingdom stat rank-up events.

    Classes & Mechanics

    Polar Midnight was incorrectly showing that it only affected enemies. Resolution: fixed.
    Paralysis inflicted by arrows shot by Horned Hunter had neither a name nor descriptions. Resolution: fixed.
    The Extra Arcane Pool feat did not show in the description by how much it actually increases the arcane pool. Resolution: fixed.
    Heal did not remove Insanity. Resolution: fixed.
    The Magus' Greater Spell Access ability had the wrong description. Resolution: fixed.
    The dwarven trait Stability did not provide a bonus to CMD against Bull Rush attempts. Resolution: fixed.
    Icy Prison and Mass Icy Prison spells can be extended by metamagic now.
    The Might of the Gods bonus granted by the Strength Domain did not work. Resolution: fixed.
    The Elemental Bloodline arcana abilities switched themselves off after each combat. Resolution: fixed.
    The Mass Heal tooltip picture looked like it affected everyone in the area. Resolution: the illustration in the tooltip is fixed (the spell only effects party members).
    Long duration area spells had incorrectly stated in the description that they only affect enemies. Resolution: fixed.
    Some class abilities, for example, the Alchemist's Dispelling Bombs discovery, miscalculated their caster level for dispelling checks. Resolution: fixed.
    Rune domain abilities could be used as a free action. Resolution: fixed.
    The Barbarian class became fatigued after their Rage ended for two rounds for each round the barbarian spent raging. Resolution: fixed.
    Phantasmal Putrefaction spell now works correctly.
    In combat, characters with the Magus class had a buff without an icon appearing near their portraits. Resolution: fixed.
    Some class abilities, for example, Bard's archetype ability Thunder Call, miscalculated their caster level for the purposes of penetrating spell resistance. Resolution: fixed.
    The Greater Vital Strike feat used to require normal Vital Strike instead of Improved Vital Strike. Resolution: It now requires Improved Vital Strike.
    For the Sword Saint Magus archetype, Weapon Mastery did not increase their critical multiplier as it should. Resolution: fixed.
    Beast Shape II, III, IV and Elemental Body I, II, III, IV spells now work correctly with Alchemist's Infusion discovery.
    Swordlord's Counterattack and Blight Druid's Plaguebearer could have been activated by allies (e.g. healing). Resolution: No longer activated by allies.
    Feats like Arcane Armor Training, Allied Spellcaster, and Shielded Caster should have had a Not Recommended mark for characters that will find them useless. Resolution: Arcane Armor Training and Arcane Armor Mastery now show as Not Recommended for characters that cannot cast arcane spells, for characters that cannot wear armor or for characters that already have a feature that allows them to ignore arcane spell failure of certain types of armor. Shielded Caster and Allied Spellcaster are now correctly shown as not recommended for characters that cannot cast spells.
    Undead were not mechanically affected by the paralysis condition regardless of what caused it, making them practically immune to spells like Chains of Light and some effects of the Undead Bloodline ability (that should have allowed a Sorcerer/Eldritch Scion to affect undead just as effectively as living creatures with spells like Hold Person). Resolution: fixed.
    Cooking: Tristian's Personal Favorite bonus (for eating Shepherd's Pie) now works correctly.
    Two-Handed fighters had Dexterity as the recommended stat during character creation instead of Strength. Resolution: fixed, Strength became the recommended stat.
    One of the Divine Hunter's archetype abilities had no description. Resolution: fixed.
    The Polar Midnight bonus spell of the Serpentine Bloodline had the wrong description. Resolution: fixed.
    Equipping weapons in the inventory screen no longer affects initiative delay in the next battle.
    Weapon Finesse mentioned that if you were wielding a shield then you would get a penalty to attack equal to your shield armor check penalty. Resolution: This part of the description was removed from weapon finesse because we did not implement it. We did not feel the need to penalize the people that were making characters without consideration for this.


    The Hand of Damnation weapon had a mistake in the description: it stated a +1 enhancement bonus instead of +2. Resolution: fixed.
    Wand of Vampiric Touch worked incorrectly - it did not store a charge as usual touch spells and did not work without a Use Magic Device check (even for classes that have it on their spell list). Resolution: fixed.
    Weapon descriptions had no indication they are monk weapons or are compatible with Weapon Finesse feat. They do now.
    Light weapons were not described as such in weapon descriptions. They are now.
    The Necklace of Double Crosses was a notable item. Resolution: no longer notable.
    The Beholder of Wind amulet had a typo. Resolution: fixed.
    The Rigid Oak Staff gave an enhancement bonus to Constitution, instead of a morale bonus. Resolution: fixed.
    Some items, for example, most magic shields and robes, were not marked in inventory as magic. Resolution: fixed.
    Scrolls of Icy Prison, Icy Prison Mass, Foresight and Grease didn't exist. Resolution: mentioned scrolls have been added.
    Clarified the description of the Greater Ring of Balance.
    The Della Fiorni Crest had the wrong price. Resolution: fixed.
    The Remnant had no flaming visual effect. Resolution: fixed.
    The Remnant didn't deal its flaming and divine damage. Resolution: Now all damage applies correctly.
    The Unstoppable Khanda had the wrong price. Resolution: fixed.
    The +4 Full Plate from Avinash Jurrg had an incorrect name. Resolution: fixed.
    The Ring of Law and the Lesser Ring of Balance had incorrect prices. Resolution: prices were adjusted for both items.
    The Phylactery of Positive Channeling, the Lesser Phylactery of Positive Channeling, the Lesser Phylactery of Negative Channeling, the Phylactery of Negative Channeling had misleading descriptions.They work only with a Channel Negative/Positive Energy ability. Resolution: The item description has been changed.
    The Bleed enchantment worked even after combat ends. Fixed: Now it is removed once combat ends, unless stated otherwise.
    Singing Edge had an incorrect description in RUS and ENG and gave an additional +3 enhancement bonus instead of +2. Resolution: fixed.
    The Eye of the Tornado crossbow didn't have a usable weapon type. Resolution: now it is heavy crossbow type.
    The Polymorph Greater spell's visualization was fixed.
    Medusa's "Petrifying Gaze" ability's DC was wrong. Resolution: fixed.
    Leviathan's gift robe granted infinite Maximize Spell metamagic uses. Fixed: now it grants only 6 times per day as per description.
    Satisfaction, Helmet of the Dusk, Sparkling Helmet, Forest Knight's Bracers and Bladed Plate could have been activated by allies (e.g. healing). Resolution: No longer activated by allies.

    User Interface

    The Storyteller now provides a total number for the artifact shards needed to assemble an artifact.
    Protective Aura had no icon. Resolution: fixed.
    Changed the combat log message that stated the result of the Fortitude save check, when it was supposed to state the result of the Fortification armor chance instead.
    The layout of Character Generation dialogues have been improved.
    Added a tooltip to the slots for picking new spells on level-ups.
    There were no tooltips for Weapon Proficiency. Resolution: fixed.
    The following settings have been fixed or adjusted: Screen edge scrolling speed, Keyboard edge scrolling speed, Double-click delay, Tooltip delay.
    The following settings have been removed: Mouse sensitivity, Equipment comparison delay.
    A chest's filter setting didn't apply to the items. Resolution: fixed.
    Added a notification for those cases when traveling the world map is prohibited due to a single companion carrying too much weight.
    Rest UI didn't count rations properly if they were divided by several slots. Resolution: fixed.
    "Mass sale" button could propose to sell some magical items (like Cloak of Heroism). Resolution: fixed.
    Level-up: domain progression has been improved.
    Character Generation: appearance settings could be reset if players returned to the Race page. Resolution: fixed.
    Character Generation: the portrait could be reset to the first in the list in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
    Party could get stuck in the "in battle" condition on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
    A character's Spellcasting Ability can be found in the Spellbook now.
    A warning about inability to change equipment in battle has been added.
    There could be unpredictable issues if characters leveled up during battles. Resolution: level up is not allowed during battle.
    The weapon tooltip has information about matching with Finesse and Monk class now.

    Sound and Voice-Over

    Sometimes a group of Water Elementals could play more than 3 identical sounds simultaneously. Resolution: fixed.
    Voices can now be heard when creating custom companions.


    Stone capital and Wooden capital: post-process visual effects and FXs are added to stress the current alignment. Resolution: fixed.
    A typo in the name of a voice file could make the Rest scene too long. Resolution: fixed.
    Lamashtu added to the encyclopedia.

    Localization \ text fixes:
    A lot of text fixes in dialogues.
    New pack of localization fixes for FR, DE, ZH.
    Improved consistency in German terms.
    Rod of Undeath item had no Russian translation. Resolution: fixed.
    Armor of Wealth had an incorrect enhancement bonus stated in Russian description. Resolution: fixed.
    Provided a RU description for the Ring of Improved Proficiency.
    Clarified description for Precise Strike in RU

    General visual improvements in the following areas:
    With the shadows set off, some areas had overexposed models. Resolution: fixed.
    Houses could be missing on the Map at the "Varnhold" area. Resolution: fixed.
    Barbarian outfits have been improved at the "Six Bears Tribe" area.
    Lamashtu cultists' outfit are improved.
    Lumberjacks had an incorrect appearance at the "Overgrown Pool" area. Resolution: fixed.
    Village vendors don't share Verdel's appearance anymore.
    Jamandi's Throne Room (fog of war).
    Visuals for building slots are improved.
    Lizardfolks Village (lighting).
    Hunting Lodge (lighting).
    Stag Lord Old Camp (environment improvements).
    Vordakai's Tomb (environment improvements).

    Other visual fixes and improvements:
    NPC animation issues in the Tavern are fixed.
    Dead monsters' lighting now adjust to their environment.
    All creatures interact with FluidFog now.
    Dragn the artisan doesn't share Harrim's appearance anymore.
    Short bow looked incorrectly when worn on the back. Resolution: fixed.
    Wind was not working properly in some scenes. Resolution: fixed.
    The color of the class costume could be reset to blue (the default one) for multiclass characters. Resolution: fixed.
    Scimitar and dueling sword scabbards were upside down. Resolution: fixed.
    Halflings didn't know how to hold a spear. Resolution: sent them to the drill sergeant.
    Some AoE spell effects have been adjusted.
    Oversized Character Asset - Dwarf Fighter. Resolution: fixed.


    Made sure save files do not accumulate unneeded info over the course of the game. This can make saving and loading marginally faster, especially in the later chapters.
    Several improvements have been implemented to address "crash on startup" issues.
    Steam Cloud synchronizing worked incorrectly if total save files volume exceeded 500MB. Resolution: the newest saves now replace the old ones in Steam Cloud. Local saves remain intact.
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    Hmmm... I was hoping for a better item progression in shops. What happened to that?

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    Note that the Sensei (monk archetype) "mass" ki advice abilities do not function properly (the ability starts casting when clicked, then fizzles).

    The non-mass ki abilities usually work; but I've seen problems with them too previously.

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    I've reached level 14 on my sensei, so now I can say that the mass advice for monk abilities does work (e.g. "mass fast movement"). But mass advice for ki abilities does not work.

    * Mass purity of body
    * Mass evasion
    * Mass movement speed

    Does not work
    * Mass barkskin
    * Mass restoration
    * Mass true strike

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    Greetings, all!

    When is 1.2 likely to be formally released?

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    Is there any restrictions to the beta?

    I am trying to opt in in Steam, but after i copy paste Ms0SJWRhSRuo is just says that the code is invalid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post

    Is there any restrictions to the beta?

    I am trying to opt in in Steam, but after i copy paste Ms0SJWRhSRuo is just says that the code is invalid.
    Which OS do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Greetings, all!

    When is 1.2 likely to be formally released?
    Currently, we are planning to release 1.2 during the next week.

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    I am on Windows 10.

    I have used beta version on games on Steam before, like Pilars of Eternity 2.

    Never had any problems with that.

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    So, any ideas why it is not working?

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