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    kingdom and quest content locked vs skill checks vs bonuses

    more like two questions realy:

    1 is there going to be content locked due to alignment or class, or will all of the game be playable with the right combination of skills?
    more to the point a quest designed for a mage would be locked to a warrior ( even if the warrior took a mage in the party )?

    if so, I would recommend only a couple of such quests per class, a longer game is more replayable than a wider, shorter one, very few people enjoy the long leisure time and short memory for that to be enjoyable

    2 based on your tortured troll , mage clip from youtube
    how do you deal with the quest's outcome?
    helping the troll and sending the goblins to troll city vs allowing the mage his experiments,
    a do your choices push towards having only trolls or only mages in your kingdom?
    b do you get them both but they would be stronger if supported?
    c is there a combination of skills that allow for troll "citizens" and the mage to keep his experiment?

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    Hmm... these are some very specific questions and I'm not sure I can fully answer them to your satisfaction, but let me at least tell you what I know.

    We want to give you plenty of possibilities to play the kind of character you want. I agree that it's not a great idea to give players a large selection of classes, archetypes, all the core races and alignments, only to lock players out of huge chunks of content if they select the wrong thing. Of course certain outcomes to certain quests and situations will depend on your decisions, actions and which alginment you choose to play. But I'm not aware of any massive quest lines, which are strictly limited to only one race or class. There is no class-specific content (thanks, Thainen!), but we're not gonna wall off major parts of the game because "you must be this meta to play".

    On a slightly related note, there will be random encounters as you explore the world map (think classic Fallout), as well as the kingdom events, which can be different in every playthrough. So there may be a bit of RNG at work behind the curtains to mix things up a little in each playthrough. But the game won't go, "Sorry, no dwarves allowed" and then prohibit you from experiencing some big and important part of the story.

    As for skill checks and bonuses, there's usually more than just one solution to each problem. Take Jubilost's cart, for example, if you've seen that bit during our stream or in the Kickstarter update. Your party may not be strong enough to stop the cart from toppling over at the time you find the event, but if you explore the area, you will find the right tools to make the task a lot easier. We don't want you to be doomed to fail if you're not playing 'the ideal way' if that makes any sense.

    As for your second question, I can't really say for sure, because our creative director is very hush hush about all things Kingdom right now. For what it counts, new information should become available fairly soon, because we're working hard to release our next alpha build at the end of the month and it's gonna be massive! I'd love to blurt out all the details, because I'm super hyped for all the new stuff they're cramming into the next release, but... yeah. Gotta be patient just a little bit longer, sorry!
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    To your first question: there is no class-specific content, but there is some alignment-specific stuff. Every now and then you'll come across dialogue options available only to a player character with a specific alignment (just one axis -- there are options that require you to be Good, but not to be Chaotic Good). These are rare, and have powerful consequences -- such option may let you save an otherwise doomed character, or bring an enemy to your side, or let you solve a problem in an unusual way. Every alignment will have such options throughout the game, so whatever your playstyle is, it will have its rewards.
    To your second question... SPOILERS :)

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    Awww don't be so stingy with Kingdom information; that is one of the most prominent aspects that we have very scant information on.

    Can you tell us whether there will be some highly unique building options (the Pathfinder Kingdom rules have a fairly big selection of things to construct; but all rather generic). Will there be building themes? i.e. would a theoretical elven, or lawful, or troll-aligned, or wizard-led kingdom *look* different even if the same structures are build? (e.g. there could exist 8 different "Tavern" models; and the ones chosen depend on "stuff".)

    As a side-thought, such alternate presentations (be it other models, or skins for the models) could also be a cool social stretchgoal.

    PS - I'm on leave and will travel to Namibia for a month; so I won't be posting much here.

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    We want spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by HenriHakl View Post
    PS - I'm on leave and will travel to Namibia for a month
    Be careful bro!
    I read how there a couple of years ago, local people ate white dude

    p.s. where is my avatar? O_0 Vernite vse kak bylo!!! :(

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    This is just speculation but:

    I think or atleast want to believe that there might be few places to choose where to start building your "empire" like in orginal module (but not in every single hex and making it what ever kind of you want to or having a choise not to become baron because this is computer game not P&P).
    Allso I believe based your choices some options might mean you can not choose another options anymore.

    If you choose to make your base in mountains you might get easier for stone, metals and so but getting food is harder or let's say a navy or harbor.

    If you choose to make your base in next to lake and river you get more easier fish, can make moat, maybe cut down forest for wooden palisade but that mean you can not make that forest full of zombies or ranger scouts or so. Or you can cut down that forest to make great market place and dockyard and ships but not have wooden palisade or forest around anymore.

    Naturally who you ally, trade and maybe choose to "war with" (I mean different factions/nations) make game and things what happen different from each play time.

    What I mean is, there should be enough content for multiple play through and they can be different based on what you choose and allso random encounters and so on.

    I believe that "is there going to be content locked due to alignment or class" choosing to let's say kill some people might upset your companions and make your aligment go toward evil or chaotic and if you keep on doing things like that it might end up messing some character build (like having neutral evil paladin might be hard to keep playing :D ) allso there come question of "roleplaying your character wrong" but that is something what player have to ask from himself I guess.
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    i think that once people got a house, than a castle or a ship, well a base, getting a whole kingdom as a companion was the logical step forward in rpg, at least in the isometric ones for now, so i realy want this to succeed

    eastern europe has the potential of '90 mieets woodstock when it comes to pc games

    spoilers aside - there may be use of creating a flexible engine ( sort of like a skeleton ) and allow people ( forum people ;) ) to add some meat, it might even save some work and provide some cool doable ideas

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