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    Alpha Game Issue

    First I could not find the Alpha Fourm. So my Issue is after playing through the game I am about 2/3 of the way through. I have just left the witches house and am trying to go back to the throne room to talk to the lost boys mom. However once I click to enter the throne room the game locks up. And I have restarted the game several times. No change. I have also noticed very long load times.

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    The long load times should have been fixed with the latest patch? Report the game freezing up by filing a Bug report just prior to when it happens? It sends your save game to the devs, so that they can trigger the bug themselves and solve it?

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    when was the last patch?? was it the 8 gb dkwnload

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    I had the same but when I played today it was gone (they did a patch). It's now playable again for me. :)

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    when was the last patch?? was it the 8 gb dkwnload
    the 3.4 gb Download yesterday I believe.

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    You are killing us with the tease =)

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