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    Scroll/Potion bags

    Will this be in the game? I'm playing the Alpha and the amount of scrolls and potion is getting insane. ^^

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    You kind of allready have it. I mean in belt. You can have around 5 if I remember right potions, scrolls or wands in every character belt hanging merrily. But true, in shared stash there are no special place only for these items I guess.
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    to me the stack you can have on your travels (simulating a cart following you) should be only accessible out of combat and have a weight limit (again simulating a reasonable cart). When i DMed this adventure, emcumbrance and carrying capacity was a major factor during the first book (which goes until you found your first city) and is very balanced in some ways... like making merchants pay half price (not a quarter) for items but limiting the quantity you can carry back to sell... you will have to chose the most valuable whings per weight...

    In Oleg TP and on your cities later, you could have access to a "unlimied" stash to keep things you want to use later, but can only be accessed when youre back at base.

    Not dificult to implement, makes sense, increases imersion, increases choices, make the game feel more like a RPG.

    EDIT1: You could also buy a bigger cart with horses to be able to carry more weigh on your out of combat stash during travels... your restock of potions, alchemical itens, consumables in general... the cart could even have it own beautiful UI with sacks and all for poions, food, so on.

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