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    Just a question engine is the game going to use?

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    According to Stratagemini's "Information known about the game so far " post

    -The game is run on an engine developed using the Unity engine. It is Isometric in look and feel.

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    Okay, my last reply. I mentioned in my post that the actual programming is some of the easiest part of game development but the time and money sinks are art and scripting. What you posted very casually glosses over some very important and time consuming things. For example...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pathfinder View Post
    My idea 2:
    In Pathfinder you have quite good ways to measure time. We do know that game time will be 5 year so it would not be too hard to check from rulebook how many hours per day, days per week, weeks(and days) per month, days, weeks and months per year Golarion have:

    This is single player game so:
    10: IF player is in area THEN
    20: USE local area table using ingame clock time AND
    30: ROLL random weather / happening table WHEN
    40: time pass on for certain amount OR players choose to camp GOTO: 10

    Naturally if you are indoors there are different things to show and happen then outdoors. Stars, sky, snow, rain, squirrel, drunk, sunlight, closed doors and so on only based for place and time and little table. Sure if you go out in one field for 100 time you most likely see same thing happen multiple times (like sun, clouds, rain, stars, full moon and so on)
    All of that weather has to be created, scripted, and have art resources for it. It isn't like a Pen & Paper game where you can just say "It's now raining". If all this game did was a pure text adventure then yes, what you said would work. RNG a number, consult a chart. Output the text "it's raining. -2 to attack rolls" or something like that.

    HOWEVER in any game that's not a pure text adventure you have to SHOW that. Someone has to go in and create rain. Someone has to go in and create puddles. Someone has to go in and create appropriate rain sounds. You'll probably want lightning too so you have to program that in and the variables around that and script out the changes in lighting so there is a flash and then script an RNG timer for the thunderous boom afterwards (which also has to be created).

    Creating an RNG weather table: 1 hour of coding.
    Creating the art, sound and scripting assets to represent rain or snow or sleet or hair or sandstorms: 3 weeks if not more of development time.

    In your next example your write "do other scripts" but that isn't as simple. It's like saying you want to build a car and writing down:
    1: Decide car name.
    2: Decide car color.
    3: Build car.
    4: Drive car. Done.

    That step #3 represents 99.9% of your time, effort and complexity.
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    Naturally weather have to be created, but after all it is told that game will take atleast 5 year gametime to play from start to the end.
    So we can expect atleast seasons to be there and most likely during 5 year time there will be allso night and day. True there might not be hailstorms, lightningstorms and so on. But I would find it odd if there would not be any changes even when chapters change.

    I am not 100% sure but if I remember right even demo video had some change of weather during playing and waiting. So you are 100% right, it take time to make graphic and do scripting. There are options to use black and white illustrated "paintings" with options to make some changes (like "lightning strike tree next to you, do you try to a) jump away b) hold your position and hope for best c) push falling tree other way to save as many from your companions from hurt as possible")
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