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Never understood the "it feels like WoW" angle personally.
Well he said WoW or other computer games. Although I never personally played WoW I do get what he's saying. For me D&D 4e felt completely like a combat system for a computer game. The biggest reason for me is that it looked at felt too calculated. All the stuff with one hit die creatures and all that felt to me like a precarious balancing act that didn't allow for much improvisation and flexibility.

I tried running a couple of campaigns but we abandoned it quickly because it wasn't fun to play. In a computer game the calculations and all that are done for you and you really need to look at it on a board with miniatures or on a screen to see what's going on. Specifically with all this flanking stuff and aoe rules.

For me tabletop was less about playing on grids and more about story, imagination and such. So the rules are secondary to me. The main reason why I stopped 4e entirely is that this was also the first edition where I couldn't really ignore elements and just say ok we're not doing that because it would invariably lead to problems. And when we tried to follow the rules exactly it just wasn't fun anymore. One of the strangest situations was a fight with a vampire who could steal life. It was an encounter as described in the books. The dice rolling was such that the party would damage him but couldn't kill him quick enough to keep up with his life stealing. I've never run into but because combat was so specific and inflexible you really had little chance to sneak in variations or let the party win without people knowing it.

Now I realise that some of this might be personal but that's how I experienced and that's why I felt I was playing in a computer game with fixed rules rather than a tabletop RPG.