View Poll Results: Pick up to 3 visual flavours for the undead baroness

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  • Bodak

    22 29.33%
  • Ghoul

    23 30.67%
  • Zombie

    5 6.67%
  • Skeleton

    10 13.33%
  • Vampire

    39 52.00%
  • Allip

    16 21.33%
  • Mummy

    24 32.00%
  • Wraith

    34 45.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    @BK, if it's any consolation, my registration went off with any problems. For me it was just as you said "1. Register, 2. Click this link. Done." As I read the other problems, I'm grateful to know that there is someone like you handle problems if I had any. Thanks for what you are doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserkerkitten View Post
    Boss just got back to me and said we'll be implementing a tracker on the pledge management site, which will show progress pretty much the way it did back on Kickstarter. They're working to get the alpha out right now, but a progress meter will be implemented right after that!
    Great news~! That should make the waiting much more interesting. :D

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    So, We're getting a Vampire Mummy Wraith Half Elf Sorceror, right? Or Just a Vampire one? If it's just the latter that would super depress me.

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    Alexander "Perpetual Nothing" Gusev specifically told me to make the flavour poll multiple choice, because he wanted several traits in the image, not just one of them. So I'm fully expecting vampire, mummy and wraith all in the same image. Our artist has his work cut out for him. :D
    Ye cannae touch this! - Clan McHammer

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    Uhm... can we in that do it like "top 2 as well as the least voted option" ?

    I love me some zombie bloodline... ^_^

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