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    favored class bonus?

    I just started a second playthrough and changed Harrim into an armored berserker. As far as I can see I don't lose hp or skills, I start out a bit slower in de armored berserker class because of the cleric level but that's all I have noticed.

    I'm not familiar with the pathfinder rules (I do know D&D), what does favored class bonus mean? What I can find online is that when I change class I should lose hp, nothing else?

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    nothing else - it's just a small incentive PF has to stay single-class and discourage dipping. In PnP you can choose between extra HP, skill rank or some racial options per level in your favoured class.

    If skills and hp are unchanged after multi-classing it looks like a bug... though with skills it could be that you need more levels to see the difference because of consolidation.

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