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  • Aasimar

    849 42.47%
  • Dhampir

    346 17.31%
  • Elemental

    804 40.22%
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    My vote is elemental.

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    If you want to vote, you need to transfer you pledge over at Owlcat's Backer Portal (might be an August 2017 email for Kickstarter Backers) then use the backer portal to finalise your order. After that you should be able to refresh this page and vote. Hope this helps people.

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    Any chance we could get some clarification on the racial bonuses we'll be getting with these difference races?

    i.e. Will Aasimar be getting bloodlines? Spells per day?
    Will Dhampir heal from negative energy similar to Jaethal? Will Dhampir hp be based on Charisma like Jaethal as well?
    Will Elementals have the racial energy resistance?

    Or are these going to be primarily cosmetic?

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    Come on Aasimar!!

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    Dhampir all the way. Bring a little dark in your heart!

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    Guess I'm in the minority for Dhampir! Wishful thinking still

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    I say elementals as they're the most inhuman and thus different looking of the choices. I love having variety in appearance. Instead of just human looking and elf with fangs.

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    Aasimar for the win

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    Dhampir. I have an inquisitor I'd like to transfer into the game, so fingers crossed.

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    Aasimar for sure

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