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  • Aasimar

    849 42.47%
  • Dhampir

    346 17.31%
  • Elemental

    804 40.22%
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    The Extra Race Poll

    Hey there, Pathfinders!

    As announced in today's new Kickstarter Update, our crowdfunding sum is now at $1.026.681 - and that means we're getting a new race.

    We're asking all of you backers and supportes to pick among the following options for one new playable race:

    1. Aasimar
    2. Dhampir
    3. Elemental*

    *Humans, whose family trees include elemental beings. If elementals win the vote, we will add playable Sylphs, Undines, Ifrits and Oreads.

    Important: Should the elemantals win the vote, please be aware that this race will get limited customization options. There will be one set of portraits and customization options for the lot of them, which will vary in colour depending on your chosen element.

    This poll is going to end on May 14th. The top vote on May 14th is going to become the the new playable race.

    IF YOU CANNOT VOTE IN THIS POLL, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TRANSFERRED YOUR KICKSTARTER PLEDGE TO OUR BACKER PORTAL!♥ Simply saying what you would vote for does nothing, that's not how this poll works.
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