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  • Aasimar

    849 42.47%
  • Dhampir

    346 17.31%
  • Elemental

    804 40.22%
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    Like with quite a few people I voted Elementals, because it's more options for one choice, otherwise I would have voted Aasimar.

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    Elemental, Ifrit is my favorite race by far

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    Have to go with Elemental. 4 for the price of 1, sign me up. Otherwise Aasimar/Tiefling (as it should have been!)

  4. #104
    I like the elemental races, but Aasimar are so much cooler.

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    i would vote aasimar but it wont let me

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    You never see Dhampir, would be a good opportunity to get something different. Not to mention that we don't know if we get different versions of the Dhampir there are multiple variations... I do feel it was slanted quite a bit by that caveat.

  7. #107
    I pick Damphir!

  8. #108
    Dhampir for the win!

  9. #109
    ... Damn, all of them are demi-humans.

    Oh well, if I can't have my Kitsune or Catfolk, may as well go with Aasimar... At least there's a chance they'll have wings.

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    Aasimar are too strong, and great for many usefoul builds!

    Elementals are 4... but they have too many weakness and are boring to play....

    So i voted for Aasimar! Hope everybody vote for them
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