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1999. You may not vote on this poll
  • Aasimar

    849 42.47%
  • Dhampir

    346 17.31%
  • Elemental

    804 40.22%
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    I have oftentimes played aasimar and elemental, in quite a few games but damphir so far never was an option. A vote for them.

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    Gotta go Elemental. Too many options there not to

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    I want Aasimar and Damphir
    Damn it if only one i'll pick Damphir
    I pick 2 hehe

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    If there was an Aasimar/Tiefling combo pack I would have considered that. But there wasn't so Elemental all the way!

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    Aasimar definitely gets my vote.

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    It's so hard, I came here thinking elemental because I really enjoyed playing an Ifrit sorcerer...

    But that Aasimar pic from the wiki?

    Aasimar please

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    Elemental, please.

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    It says "You may not vote on this poll" Anyone else get this? or know how to correct?

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    Dhampir! Not that the others are bad choices...

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