View Poll Results: I want the new playable race to be...

1999. You may not vote on this poll
  • Aasimar

    849 42.47%
  • Dhampir

    346 17.31%
  • Elemental

    804 40.22%
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    Eh... I'll go with Elemental.

    I have no special feelings for Aasimar and I don't like Dhampirs.

  2. #22
    I would vote elemental. Dhampir is also great, but elemental get my vote.

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    I expect aasimar would have similar alt background choices as the elemental would between the separate elements. Definitely aasimar for me. I think dhampir are boring.

  4. #24

    Poll response

    Elemental please. I like Oreads.

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    I want to vote but it won't let me even though I just fully registered and confirmed my email. My vote was gonna go for Aasimar. Quality over quantity. Plus I have Aasimar characters I'd love to recreate for this.

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    Considering the note about elementals getting limited customization options, will aasimar and dhampirs be fully customizable?

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    Half undead, half understood

    Dhampir, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    It says "You may not vote on this poll" Anyone else get this? or know how to correct?
    I got this too. Also, I'm voting aasimar, because I have a fetish for the beautiful people. PLus, if they win you just know Owlbear'll have to make them the best they can be (if they care about avoiding backlash).

    Dunno why tieflings weren't an option, though.

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    Will heritages for Aasimar be avaible to choose?

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    Elementals, please

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