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    TL; DR: So, I haven't played the game yet because I've heard there are timed quests and find the game design on it puzzling. Can anyone comment to clarify: are there timed quests at all? If so, do you find the times to be reasonable enough to allow for exploration and party failures? Can we try again after failure in any situation? I would really like to play this game, but this is a deal-breaker for me.
    There will be some time limited things yes. But unless (for some reason) you choose to rest after every single fight (yes, it is possible) you should not be worried. Normally these quests are like: if you choose to ignore them through ALL the chapter (let's say one of your companion tell [s]he need your help = personal quest) it will fail.

    One of the biggest idea (specially in chapter 1, but allso later) IS exploring. So there is enough time for it. Even if there are some quests what are based how you react (if you give enough time they change). But I have not heard that anyone would have literally failed to do chapter 1 because of "not enough time". But I have heard that yes, it is possible but only if you try to carry every single item and sell them AND sleep after every single battle. (There have been testers who have actually carry EVERY single item back to shop keeper and sold them and still had enough time to do chapter 1)
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    Thanks! I'm one of those players that will make any and all mistakes (not on purpose mind), so your take on it is a relief.

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    I personally am hoping for an Option/Mod to remove encumbrance entirely. As it's one of the first things (the other beings Alignment and Ammunition for ranged weapons) I try to rip out of an roleplaying games I play.

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