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    You're underestimating the amount of time and effort needed for a new story. Having the basic engine, mechanics, UI elements in place helps alot; but a lot of work happens in parallel (a programmer, sound engineer, artist, and beta tester don't really get in each others way) - so although you save somewhat on programmer time, you still need the full allotment of time for all the art assets to be made and put into place. sure, it gets a bit faster, but you wouldn't have a 9-12 month turn-around time.

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    Regarding DLC options:

    Personally I'd be all over a new class plus one new archetype per class.

    Furthermore one of the potential stretch goals would've been Hellknights, which I think would have a dramatic impact on a kingdom or/and city. If well done they can be the source of a quest line or two; have city building impact; and there are at least two archetypes that theme themselves after Hellknights that would sweeten that concept.

    Somebody mentioned prequels, that showcase origin stories for companions. While I like having more story content that immerses me in the world, I'm not so fond of "only" story that doesn't really impact the greater story thereafter. Those kinds of things should have an incentive of some sort. Perhaps such origin stories can serve as a way to introduce a little bit of first-level character control for companions. Not that you could make Valerie a wizard for level 1; but maybe a set of sensible options that fit the character. Perhaps the origin for Valerie could let her find some form of redemption and start her as a paladin. Or maybe she decides to shun people more and become a ranger.


    Now first prize is always a new AP instead of DLC. But... I did mention to TheMetaphysician that overall development time cannot necessarily be reduced a lot due to parallel work being done - but that also means that a new AP doesn't necessarily fully leverage all the developer/artist resources that Kingmaker currently does. So perhaps they can work on one or two DLC items instead? Bonus points if the "DLC" is really work done for a new AP anyway; for example new classes and feats might be made for a new AP, but there's nothing that prevents those from being available in the old AP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMetaphysician View Post
    I'd like to see all of those things too, but you know what? I'd be happy if we literally got nothing new except a new story. I've often wondered this about game design: if the mechanics and everything work really well, why can't we just literally copy everything and just have a new story? I'll bet they could make games like that much cheaper and quicker. I would have liked to see about 10 Baldur's Gate games with all the same mechanics in the same engine, just set in new places with new stories. I would have bought them all. :) And since Paizo already has a bunch of APs, they can just use those stories! Pump out 4 new games in 3-4 years, no need for significant new features or anything! I'd buy them all. :) (Maybe that makes me weird, I dunno.)

    Of course, I'd love to see new classes/feats/spells too. :)
    I'm with @TheMetaphysician on this. This idea - one that I've pushed a lot myself - is somewhat similar to what SSI did with the D&D gold box games back in the day. I really would love a nice, long series of RPGs with new stories and set in different parts of the game world with all of the additional "new" things that go with a new location (lore, creatures, items, etc.), but little or no changes to the mechanics and other systems.

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    If the game does well we can expect DLC, if not then we wont really. If it does really well we can expect other campaigns as new games, as the basics are now set so would be easier to build on these for other games etc.

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    What would you like for DLC? My hope is mainly for new classes like this;
    Top priority:
    Oracle & Witch

    I really want but they are second(or you could say technically third and fourth):

    In no particular order;

    In term of races, aasimar subraces would be good it they aren't included and tieflings would be nice too. Changelings maybe?

    Edit: I read the Planar Adventures. They add three new interesting planar races.
    The ganzis, who are born in places where the chaotic planes influences the material world.
    The aphorite(?), a golden-skinned race created by the axiomites to act as intermediaries between them and mortals but along generations, some are interested in learning to live among other mortals.
    The third who were souls that did not have the opportunity become aligned, so they were sent back as gray-skinned kids in places involving death(like churches and graveyards) to live full lives.
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    Huh, Things I want to see in a DLC?

    Some assortment of:

    Separate Modules:
    We Be Goblins
    The Harrowing
    The Godsmouth Legacy
    The Moonscar
    Something new and original

    Super Dungeons:
    The Emerald Spire
    Hollow Mountain
    Something new and original

    Vine Leshies

    Summoner (Unchained)

    Grave Knights
    Demons, Devils, Daemons, and/or Divs
    Primal and/or Esoteric Dragons
    Dinosaurs (also as Animal Companions and Familiars)
    Fossil Golems
    A Demilich
    A colossal enemy like the Terrasque, or one of the other spawn of Rovagug
    A Jotund Troll (or some other Troll variants)
    A Witchwyrd
    An Annihilator Robot

    Prestige Classes:
    Agent of the Grave
    Red Mantis Assassin
    Arclord of Nex
    Blackfire Adept
    Champion of Irori
    Hellknight and Hellknight Signifier
    Magaambyan Arcanist
    Master Chymist
    Winter Witch
    Umbral Court Agent
    Thuvian Alchemist
    Razmiran Priest

    and other player options like more Archetypes, Spells, Feats, and Wondrous items.

    To be clear, I just want some sort of story addition, not expecting more than one module or megadungeon in a DLC or an expansion pack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserkerkitten View Post
    We're throwing around some ideas internally, since there have been so many requests for DLC and all sorts of post-release content. Generally, things like new classes sound realistic, for as long as they're not too complicated to implement mechanically. So maybe not something that uses firearms or mounted combat. Quests and side content, stuff that adds even more substance to the game, that sort of thing sounds good. Though, since it came up in the starting post of this thread, I don't think it's realistic to hope for a whole new AP in the shape of DLC.

    Sorry for being a little vague here, but as others pointed out, right now we have to focus on finishing our game. This absolutely has to come first before we spend too much time thinking about what to add later. ♥
    Classes would be AWESOME!!!! (and bloodlines and that kind of stuff)
    Blood Rager into Dragon disciple with is my dream build. I had an abyssal tiefling (claws and cha + str pluses) with draconic bloodline. It was awesome. Sadly only survived into level 4. I want to be a ble to turn into a dragon or a draconian beast (not half dragon) so muuuuuch in PF

    Some races would be awesome too. But some I'd like (like samsarans) don't make much sense in the setting.

    But yeah!!!! Add classes and class features please!!!!!! SPECIALLY hybrid classes, PF shine with those.

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    I saw the rougarou race. It seem like an intresting race.

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    What could be great would be to add a little costumization into the story itself, be it from choices, lines of dialogue, races, classes, or whatever.

    I mean, if you play a CN Rogue or a LG Paladin, you shouldn't play the game the same way, and people might notice that. If you're a halfling or an Aasimar, most people will react differently to you. Your people will be prejudiced against some Races, or Classes, or political Choices. You should hear about it from your friends, your political rivals, but also from random people in the street when you walk incognito among them...

    I know that the game already goes a bit that way with alignment zones and dialogues, but I would love to see, for instance :

    - a few shouts against "the Crazed Alchemist Lord who will be the fall of the kingdom with his foul magic" !
    - the lauding of the Great Warrior who saved us all from the Stag Lord, but then had his success grow his head into a melon-sized ball of bullshit when he allowed his orcish friend to become advisor.
    - he must have been charmed by that former slave-witch to accept and marry her. She's not a noble, and she's not even a Human.
    - why should we accept a Dwarf as a king ? Who knew they had females, by the way ?
    - they say that the new lord is even more cruel than the Stag Lord ever was. He kidnaps children and eats them as a sacrifice to his dark god.
    - I heard that the Lord used to be a murderer and a assassin-for-hire in his youth.
    - The Lady has put a barbarian at the head of our armies ! A barbarian who can't even read or write ! What is she thinking ? That's what you get from adventurers, they've got no talent for politics, no brains, no class !
    - The new Lord has chosen a former paladin as an advisor. I think she is naive, but cute. It might be interesting to see how well she does in that den of wolves...

    Every choice should be a possible source of contradictory rumors and gossip.

    Of course, that might give our writers a lot of work for just a little fun and atmosphere, but I think it's worth it.

    Also, when giving a class-specific mission, it would be nice to tag the class with the most levels and not the class you picked at first level. Or even take into account multi-classing when it feels natural.

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    So the "Angry, racist townspeople DLC"?

    I much rather they spend time adding character options than that. Or full questlines, like the Hellknights stretch goal.

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