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    How faithful will the monsters be?

    If I play with my bestiary next to me will it be accurate? If I see a Troll can I flick to the Troll entry and look up it's AC?

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    They have done some rebalancing to make it a challenge for a party of 6 with a higher point buy.

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    It is quite accurate. Naturally that mean more or less random encounters. You will see more powerfull and allso bit different versions of these normal monsters.

    But fear not, these things are explained while story go on and people wonder why these mosters are different, why they have let's say alliance with another type of monster they usually ignore/kill and that kind of stuff.

    Or you can just see from name (like large, gigantic, enraged and so on) that there is something different from that monster. Not to mention: if monster have something to specify it (like a name or "king" as a title) it is usually different in someway from others. It might mean that they drop allso some nice loot.

    Time to time you might encounter something what appear to be something else, but after you kill it you notise "oh, this wolf (from pack of wolves) transforms to human.. ..I see, lycantrophy" kind of things.

    Allso you might time to time just look for mirror if you get attacked without time to react. Like "I have a quest to go in cave where are supposed to be spiders" => it should not surprise you to find them. Or "everyone seem to be dead here, if I look around I am sure nothing bad happen for me" <= something might happen...
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    I don't think they are modeling the faithfulness of the average troll. I am not sure how much their devotion to their god matters.

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    If you meet a standard troll - the troll will have the same stats as in the Bestiary. But:

    1. You will also meet a lot of non-standard trolls
    2. Some creatures have changed a little bit (our bears have Rend instead of Grapple, cause grapple is mostly not in the game)
    3. Some creatures have changed a lot (rare case, but owlbears were one of them - they are now slow, more powerful and have higher CR)
    4. Some creatures are supposed to have lots of modifications like class levels - most kobolds, for example, are unlikely to be like the entry in the Bestiary.

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    Thanks for the info, Perpetual Nothing !

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