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    Here's the build I have so far; some of the late feats are not filled in. I'm not sure if Crane Style will actually be selectable as a monk bonus feat level 2; if it isn't, it'll have to be moved back:

    Full Valerie Scaled Knight build:
    - 1: Fighter 1: Dodge, Shield focus
    - 2: Scaled Fist 1: monk bonus feat: Crane Style
    - 3: Sorcerer 1: feat: Cautious Fighter, bloodline power: claws
    - 4: Sorcerer 2: +1 Charisma
    - 5: Sorcerer 3: feat: weapon focus, bloodline power: +1 natural armor
    - 6: Sorcerer 4
    - 7: DD 1: feat: arcane strike
    - 8: DD 2: +1 Dexterity, bloodline feat: power attack
    - 9: DD 3: feat: Crane Wing
    - 10: DD 4:
    - 11: DD 5: feat: , bloodline power: another +1 natural armor, bloodline feat: toughness
    - 12: DD 6:
    - 13: DD 7: feat: Crane Riposte
    - 14: DD 8: bloodline feat: blindfight, improved initiative, or quicken spell
    - 15: EK 1: bonus combat feat: , feat:
    - 16: EK 2:
    - 17: EK 3: feat:
    - 18: EK 4:
    - 19: EK 5: bonus combat feat: weapon specialization, feat:
    - 20: EK 6:
    I like your build! I have been building her into a DD/EK as well once I saw her stats. However, I was going to skimp on levels in DD/Sorc in favor of more levels in EK (higher BAB and more levels to spell casting), but I could be missing something. Could you elaborate on your motivation for the 4th level in sorc and 8 levels in DD?

    I was thinking fighter 1, scaled fist 1, sorcerer 3, DD 4, and EK/DD/whatever.

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    You can totally go with just 4 levels in DD if you like. You get some extra points of natural armor if you take more DD levels, which fits the build. I've actually decided to go all the way to DD 10. You lose a point of BAB and a caster level, but you get Wings (+3 AC and immunity to harsh terrain) and 2 casts of Dragonkind (PnP's is called Form of the Dragon) II. That's a 7th level spell, which normally you wouldn't get until level 19, that you get 3 or so levels earlier. I've decided to really focus on self-polymorphing, since all the AC and defense boosts for this build (defensive fighting, crane style, Charisma bonus, mage armor/shield spell/mirror image, etc.) apply when shapeshifted. She's going to be a ninja dragon. :)

    The 4th level of sorcerer is just because you get a point of BAB and get 2nd level spells at that level. If you take DD after 3, you'll be down a point of BAB and you won't get 2nd level spells until a level later. And since I wasn't planning on taking EK to level 10, it is easy to fit in that level of sorcerer.

    I've come to think you can take this sort of concept a lot of different ways. I'd be interested to read what you come up with. Another way to go is to armor up, take Arcane Armor training, 4 levels of DD and full EK.

    Edit: one thing that is wrong on the build I posted is that you can't take Cautious Fighter, since it is halfling only. It bummed me out, but it doesn't break the build. I took Arcane Strike there, and then Deflect Arrows instead later.
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    Really good mod to totally respec you and your companions! :)

    Sorry! Didn't realise this was an old thread :/
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