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    We all need catfolk as a playable race. Also gunslinger

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    This really needs to be added to the wishlist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelatinous Noob View Post
    More NPCs that better represent the time-tested core classes, rather than the flakier hybrids. Really frustrated there's no Paladin (despite an obvious Paladin build determined to be a fighter) or decent Wizard that isnt behind a spell level the entire game because of a useless rogue level. Fringe hybrid classes might be ok for a player character or in a swing slot, but they dont replace those core specialists. I hate using custom mercs because they just feel like holes in my lineup with no personality.
    I don't mind Octavia, but I do mind she's the only "dedicated" Arcane caster in the game (even with a level in Rogue). So you either play as one or bring her.

    Maybe make Bart a possible companion (assuming we can ever sort out his various bugs)? Or toss in another caster someplace along the line so you don't feel forced into taking her all the time. The double Clerics along with a Inquisitor, Bard and even an Alch allows for more choices in the "heal the party" role, but when it comes to Arcane you have Octavia and... that's about it. Linzi if you want an Enchanter type, but otherwise there aren't many options.

    A Paladin, Monk or Druid would be nice. It's odd there isn't a Druid given the setting, but I mostly want another Wizard/Sorc option out there.

    Tieflings would be keen as well, but I doubt they're on the horizon given lots of other races were in the running.

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    Romance, romance, romance..?

    How about more romance?

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    More companions with compelling story. I really loved how companion story unfolded in Kingmaker, so I want more! Yes, I also wouldn't mind more romance options :P

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    Tsanna as a companion? Recruit her not just into your court but into your party.
    I feel her unique perspective would have lots of interesting dialogue and interjections throughout the game.
    And she'd make a good offensive spells/debuffs cleric, especially for evil characters who might lose tristan as a cleric or would prefer an evil party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Romance, romance, romance..?

    How about more romance?
    I'd personally like to see more LGBT romance NPCs. I like that there are two bi NPCs, but they're involved with each other, and the PC has to intervene to break them up (or not, I think both is an option, which is great!). It would be nice to see gay and lesbian NPCs represented as romantic companions as well. But since we don't want to spend an entire DLC with romances, I'll be happy with whatever we get.

    (Please, if you ARE going to include a lesbian NPC, please please consider making her butch (warrior or paladin type would do me fine, barbarian would do in a pinch). We get so many femme(ish) lesbians (usually rogues or spellcasters) because people are afraid of the 'butch' stereotype, that we never actually see the stereotype that people seem to be so afraid of!

    Anyway, I'll get back to this game when I'm done with AC Odyssey. (sigh)

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    Razmir please :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Razmir please :)
    To visit? or invade/overthrow?

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    I agree with this entire paragraph, all the romances were good in DA origins, also where is the transcript for the recent stream?

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