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    Quote Originally Posted by Draxxil View Post
    Becoming a Lich was a good idea.
    I will rule forever.

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    It really annoys me that every pre-rolled main character and every non-player character has better stats than players can attain. I do NOT like the point buy system, I have not from day one. If we are forced into point buy then for the love of all things holy and not PLEASE allow us to make the main character the focal point, and strongest character in the party. As it is now you have to go down a few min/max hybrid builds to out perform characters like Amiri, Octavia, and Ekundayo.

    25 point buy is literally a garbage character. It should have been 28. You should not have to drop to 7's and Min/Max to compete with NPC characters.

    I am also hugely in favor of a roll for attribute point system. 4d6 and discard the lowest has been the standard of DnD since Red Box and 1st Edition. I thought Pathfinder was all about playing the way that YOU want to play...

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    I would really just like to see the Kingdom aspect of the game expanded. As it is now all you can see of your kingdom is the map and the town square. I want to be able to tour my kingdom, see the fort, jail etc.. As it is now there's really nothing to see and it feels a little empty to me. That and I would like to be able to have more effect on events and projects. I want to be able to personally thwart a troll attack or undead invasion.

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    i would like better summonable creatures please,and a personal advisor at your side like the sword lady in the prologue as one person cant do or know how to fix everything.

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    I think more advisors with more diverse background/alignment could be nice too.
    And my draconic sorcerer would love the Elemental Spell metamagic feat, with rods too.
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    What i mostly want to see, is Hellknight and Hellknight Signifier prestige classes. They have been my favorite faction in pathfinder, and i want to see them in the game.

    I hope they are not discarded as a result of the goal not being reached :<

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    Would being a hellknight work? You'd have to go off and train and get knighted and then have strict code to follow and answer to your order?
    It works in PnP because you've got a GM to manage it

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    I'm going to call it and say that I don't want any more NPCs, because I just can't handle anymore godawful "roleplaying builds" for party members. These aren't the late 90's.

    What I'd like would be an 'under the hood' DLC that allows custom companions to become advisors (just base their actions on their alignment) and more interactivity with your barony/kindom. Right now it kind of feels like playing two separate games.

    Oh, and a Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity for Regongar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evelynstarshine View Post
    Would being a hellknight work? You'd have to go off and train and get knighted and then have strict code to follow and answer to your order?
    It works in PnP because you've got a GM to manage it
    The prestige classes were a stretch goal that was missed by very little. So yes, it would work, they know how to do it. They said they were going to consider adding it as DLC, but no promises or announcements yet.

    Let me find the description for it.

    "Crowdfunding ends this Friday!

    As previously announced, we are about to stop collecting money towards the unlocking of additional stretchgoals. As you all know, we are aiming to release the full version of Pathfinder: Kingmaker in late summer 2018. And that means there has to be a cutoff point, where we stop promising and adding new features in order to give ourselves enough time to complete the game. As of this moment, we're at a crowdfunding sum of about 1,080,000 USD. Unfortunately, this means that Hellknights didn't quite make it in time. Sorry!

    Many of you have asked whether Hellknights could be added later via post-release DLC. While we can't promise it at this point, it's a possibility. We really enjoy working on this title and since many of you keep asking for post-release content, we need to consider it. The nature and amount of such content, however, remains to be determined at a later date. Please bear with us!"


    "But there is another outstanding image, or should we say, the order in the Inner Sea that also became synonymous with the Pathfinder. Yes, we are speaking of they who are the weapons of desperate times and soldiers with the force of will to do whatever must be done. They are intimidation, relentlessness, and unwavering conviction. They are the black-gauntleted fist of absolute order. They are the Hellknights!

    For far too long the Stolen Lands were the den of thieves and murderers, sanctuary for those who ran from the Law, home of the chaotic and capricious fey, the embodiment of everything Hellknights abhor. They arrive in this lawless land with the important mission, and it will be up to you to decide whether they are friend or foe. Befriend them, prove that you are worthy, that your rule is the lawful one, that your country is the beacon of stability in the region and you will be welcomed into their ranks. Help them complete their mission in the Stolen Lands, and you will be taught secrets and mysteries only a few are privileged to know. Antagonize them, and you will find them to be a powerful and extremely well-organized adversary, vanquish them to seize their relics and discover the truth behind their appearance in the Stolen Lands.

    This stretch goal will provide your character with even more options to choose, with unique abilities for Hellknights and Hellknight Signifers and specific items thematic to the Hellknights, as well as new quest line dedicated to the Hellknight presence in the Stolen Lands. Face them on the field of battle or fight side-by-side, it is your choice to make. "

    So yeah, they know how they would do it, should they decide to add them as DLC.
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    Sounds awesome!

    Also, maybe for a DLC, a Darklands region with a main quest to defeat some threat from it, then claim it and add some cave settlements to your kingdom? Maybe it could include some 'short cuts' through the darklands between different parts of the map to make traveling around alittle faster once you'd pacified and claimed it?
    Not sure where it's insert would sit visually on the kingdom/travel map though.

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