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roleplaying speaking, I think it would be hard, since you are commandited from a neighbouring power to overthrow a bandit lord from hostile lands. Not sure they would commission a kobold to be in place of human bandit lord. It is true that you are able to make peace with kobolds and use them as a military force in your kingdom, however to be a kobold leader (and then romance Valerie xD) would seem out of place in a CRPG. However, it is so hilarious that I'd love to be the companion of the famous kobold leader in a PnP game, especially with my paladin character xD Devoting my lifelong loyalty to a small monster-humanoid type.
I should have clarified this I just noticed my kobold idea, but I guess i'm really saying to allow kobolds in a future game, maybe maybe not pathfinder kingmaker, but a new game idea (I was just mentioning it, I don't think this game here would work with a kobold, but maybe for some other game in the pathfinder universe, i'd play such a game anyways) (was more of a comment than a request about the kobold idea)