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While I disagree with pathfinder about how cool it would be to do the Here be Goblin Modules, the format of that appeals to me.
I agree, there are better modules then these free ones. But I used them as an example (everyone can download them and get idea of what I mean).

Allso second reason why I used them was that they are from goblins (and if we get "theme" as goblin + few kind of fitting class options it is better then "random" mix of things. IMO).

3:rd reason was because they are kind of short. So perfect for DLC materials and adding "bunch" (like 3 DLC) under one theme it might work.

(This is for another person):
Yes, I understand totally idea of suggesting (and wanting) huge mega dungeon like Rappan Athuk (it is literally like 650 pages, you get from level 1 to level 20) but seriously.. ..as an single DLC? When 3 DLC's are around 40$ and one ~15$ or so... ...it might appear at some point. At full game with 40$ price tag (after year+ hard work)

Anyway, it was an idea developers can (and will) make better. It would be ideal if place would be kind of near (or inside) stolen lands. And be "connected" to new race / class ideas which come with it.