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    Playable race: Goblin and customisable merc goblin race option

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    What's this? Tons of tasty DLC requests right as we're thinking about finally forming a DLC schedule for the team? 'Tis a gift from Heaven!

    Thanks a lot, people, I'm forwarding this to our team. We'll definitely check out everything you're writing in here.

    In the meantime, I bring news of one of the first DLCs we want to make in the coming weeks: a free DLC with 2 new portraits. We know it's not much, but most of the team is helping with the bugs, so we can't really afford doing more at the moment (though we would definitely like to!)

    Please, vote in the poll to let us know which portraits you would like to see most!
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    I've said this elsewhere before but a Downtime DLC using the Pathfinder system as a base would be nice. The highlights for me would be retraining, spell research and the ability to produce additional BP.

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    In game respecs, level trainer, crafting - item gp cap availability based on kingdom, starting a new game at a specific chapter after clearing it once?

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    I'd love the witch and oracle classes, and if they can come with additional(s) companion of these classes, that would be great too!
    What do you call a dragon who ate a bunch of adventurers? A party-pooper!
    If you Awaken a chicken, is it speaking fowl language?
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    Slayer would be fantastic, and would add a lot of versatility options for multiclassing

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    Maybe it is possible to hide the Inquisitor's "Class" Hat? I know, its just a tiny wish, but its my wish at the moment <3


    THANKS For this very good Game! Also would say thank you to you developers and give you guys a personal: Thank you!

    Im out ;-)

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    I think I'd like new character creation options the most, such as:

    -Enable "heritage" options for all races, not only Aasimar - in other words, optional racial traits.
    -Feats from the feat wishlist thread(s).
    -Traits (how about making them random?).
    -Yes, the hellknights please (basically armiger fighter archetype + two prestige classes).
    -Dhampir, geniekin and tieflings of course.
    -One more archetype for each class (except wizards, who should get sixteen - thinking about the sub-schools).
    -Deity-specific cleric spells.

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    Mythic feats is what i want in a dlc i want my godhood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelticfury View Post
    Playable race: Goblin and customisable merc goblin race option
    I'm guessing goblins and lamashtu as a deity are outforever as they'd mess with the quest where you don't trust or know about either?
    Hobgoblins though. Not the lion looking D&D ones, but the cool looking probably leather jacket wearing pathfinder ones.

    Also to region expansion, east would be good? I believe that's all Iobaria which is said to be mostly unpopulated wilderness full of monsters so, basically more stolen lands to steal, not all of it would make sense but a region or two could be DLC added there?. Or south east to the area beside Mivon. Or Mivon itself and unite the Shrike!

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