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    Quote Originally Posted by Patriarche View Post
    roleplaying speaking, I think it would be hard, since you are commandited from a neighbouring power to overthrow a bandit lord from hostile lands. Not sure they would commission a kobold to be in place of human bandit lord. It is true that you are able to make peace with kobolds and use them as a military force in your kingdom, however to be a kobold leader (and then romance Valerie xD) would seem out of place in a CRPG. However, it is so hilarious that I'd love to be the companion of the famous kobold leader in a PnP game, especially with my paladin character xD Devoting my lifelong loyalty to a small monster-humanoid type.
    I should have clarified this I just noticed my kobold idea, but I guess i'm really saying to allow kobolds in a future game, maybe maybe not pathfinder kingmaker, but a new game idea (I was just mentioning it, I don't think this game here would work with a kobold, but maybe for some other game in the pathfinder universe, i'd play such a game anyways) (was more of a comment than a request about the kobold idea)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pathfinder View Post
    But yes, in most encounters neither you or enemies can not escape or usually manage to hide (have to admit, have not tried out but if anyone have can you: use spell or something to disappear => go some corner area and try to camp, then sneak back and try to raise your companions or so.. ..I believe it is not possible but one never knows...)
    If you're able to get far enough away, it will break combat. I don't think stealth alone will do it ... I tried using an invisibility potion (as recommended) during that one solo encounter, but they seemed to continue to track me ... and in some cases it seems as though stealth just ... breaks ... no matter what skill level you have (I once had one of my best rogues use an invisibility potion to sneak through a room ... but at the same, seemingly scripted spot, they auto attacked.

    You can't enter or leave certain rooms (like in the House At The Edge Of Time) once combat starts and zone exists also don't seem to work once combat start. (Side note: I wish there was consistency with NPCs leaving an area ... sometimes they walk a few feet then just vanish, sometimes they walk all the way to the zone exit and vanish ... I'd much prefer that they always did the latter, even if we don't see it, because seeing them just vanish breaks verisimilitude) You can use skill traversals (like mobility or the like to climb walls, logs, etc.) to separate yourself and thus create enough distance for the enemy to 'leash' back to their starting point.

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    I would really love to see them officially add(not mods); dhampir(with the life dominant soul feat available), the elemental races, witch, oracle, psychic, and mesmerist

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    multiple romance, mod support.

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