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    1 Game plus option: remove all timers after finishing the game once so we can play it again without a burn-out.
    2. Non-companion romances, apparently they were cut due to resource limits. Please put them in.
    3. A rogue thief/assassin adventure with traps, locks, spying, sneaking, persuasion options but little combat.
    4. More elves, where did they all go?

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    For me, adding in more kingdom politics would be awesome, for example such things as political marriages, palace intrigue, etc.

    More options for running, growing and upgrading your kingdom. Overall, I want the whole kingdom management side-game to be something fun and enjoyable and not a tedious chore.

    Lastly, I'd like some improvements to the encumbrance-fatigue part of the game to make it less of a pain in the ass, perhaps to include pack animals and wagons.

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    I would like to have "counterspelling" implemented and "Spell synthesis" for mystic theurge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    MORE SPELLS! (especially Timestop and Monstrous Physique, maybe also Divination spells for every level for the poor bastards that might have taken the Divination school)
    More polymorph options, at least one for every possible size category.
    Ordering specific magic items to be made, pay upfront, can be picked up after a couple of days (see Pathfinder magic item creation rules)
    Tieflings and subraces
    More Archetypes (especially Zen Archer and Sohei - what was the point of the sort of unchained Traditional Monk?)
    Combining different archetypes (where applicable, such as the Beastmorph/Vivisectionist)
    Fractional BAB (I assume there's gonna be a mod for that eventually)
    level1npc for anyone is familiar with the Baldur's Gate mod, for everyone else it's essentially the ability to redesign all the companions, except for alignment and race.
    And for the love of all Gods what he said about Spells especially "Divination spells" make them usefull and add more becasue come on this is a joke right?
    I would like to have Spells like "imprisonment" "wish" etc...
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    I would be interested to see a true RNG mode when it comes to random encounters and loot. This can go wildly in or out of favor for the player. Just another option to tick.

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    - Non companion romances, and maybe a few more of the companions. I know there are some other threads onnhere with our opinions on who we would like to see too if any of those wouldn’t be out of character for them.
    -witches, oracles, summoners, and antipaladins
    -dhampir, tiefling, changeling, fletchling, the elemental races, ganzi and aphorite. And their heritages. A bit surprised goblins are not a playable race.
    -Abilty to request specific equipment preferably earlier in the game.
    -Have the towns change as you upgrade them
    -More chances to use diplomacy and spare encounters. Maybe the mercy feats?
    -Let non divine classes choose a deity they worship. Having some less mechanics based flavor is nice.
    -Ability to change name and portraits after the character creation at the start of the game. Especially if people want to create their own portraits or add in one of the dlc portraits to a character they already have a file for.
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    a themed Ascension DLC
    added in, probably post game or late game mutually exclusive options to, be more than mortal.

    -mythic feats, founding a cult and promoting it, going Razmiran on your people or etc
    -Becoming a Lich
    -other ideas?

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    Oh yes, maybe something in the direction, dark romance would be nice , maybe in combination with jaethal or a non player character , maybe connected with another fitting story , adventure

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    Hellknight romance option.

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    What I would like to see :

    - more dialogue option, especially more LG option in dialogue. For the moment, the dialogue seam a bit restrictive.
    - more banter with your companion. especially, banter outside of camp. Currently, if you do not rest a lot, your team lack "life". And resting take time.
    - new companions, especially new lawful companions.
    - new spells and feat.

    New classes and new races would be good, but I think there is enough of it for the moment.

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