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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratagemini View Post
    So... AoOs get Bullet Time? I'm for that if it looks good and not stutter-y. Otherwise the first solution seems fine as long as the combat log logs it correctly?
    This seems like a fair compromise. Maybe also make it an a toggle in the options as well?

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    A toggle is the best of both worlds, but if it's not possible I'd prefer bullet time.

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    I'm throwing in a vote for toggle.

    Maybe default it as on so that new players see it happening, then allow them to toggle it to just show floating "Attack of Opportunity" text once they've figured it out.

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    Just pop some text over their head "Attack of Opportunity". I'm not sure I like this 'slow the whole game down' idea, but it's hard to tell without seeing it implemented.

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    I prefer the damage to just be dealt without an animation and I suggest that an text or log shows that an AoO happened.

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    I strongly second the text-popup AoO, perhaps like in Baldurs Gate everytime it occurs.

    Actually there are way too many possibilities to make an aoo and there are characterbuilds which specialise in making as many aoo as possible. Therefore slowing the game down nearly every round is a bit too much, but if the aoo is a hit and therefore the time slows to show it seems good enough a compromise and slowing time down only if it's the finishing blow sounds even better (and when this is implemented, then one could get a slow-mo-finisher for every last enemy of an encounter perhaps?).

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    My "vote" : +1 Yes, a slow-down effect (could be optional, but on by default) would help make the AOO stand-out ...

    Suggestion : the very first time an enemy does an AOO, enforce a helpful pop-up with a short and simple explanation such as "Warning : in melee, when you use a ranged weapon (bow, crossbow, etc.) or cast a spell, enemies will very often get a free extra attack against you! These are called Attacks of opportunity. The following actions also cause AOO... (drinking a potion, reading a scroll...)" (no long paragraphs, except maybe below this to introduce the Combat Casting Feat or other details.)

    Why it is important : I have watched three first impressions videos, all from folks who do not know the PF rules. Among their many mistakes, they notably did not realize how using ranged weapons in melee was getting them killed quickly. So this is an important aspect to improve.

    The text pop-up saying AOO, currently implemented, is not enough. New players obviously do not realize the "gravity" so-to-speak of what it is.

    I also noticed the help description for Combat Casting Feat in the game does not mention much (or anything) about the Concentration component of some spells. The descriptions are often vague and lack the to-the-point gameplay info needed (but I understand it is the first version of the game and you had tons of texts/rules to insert).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgtdrill View Post
    Perhaps only slow down time if the AoO is the killing blow, otherwise do the damage without animation?

    That should keep it rare enough that it won't get too disruptive.
    This sounds good to me!

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    Was thinking ...

    Most characters, both companions and all other NPCs, should logically avoid using ranged weapons in melee ; they would naturally switch to a melee weapon. Not doing so is practically suicide in PF (unless you do a safe "5-Foot Step" action first, which does not seem to exist in Kingmaker, unless you succeed a Mobility check). This logic seems an easy way of reducing the AOO effect from players who do not know about AOO.

    EDIT :
    Adding Mobility checks was not the best solution in my opinion. In the core game, you can Disengage for example (Move without AOO, but sacrifice all attacks) or do the safe 5-Foot Step action.

    My own design logic would be :

    * When a character exits an enemy threat range, it does a parry or block animation whereby you sacrifice a round but do not receive an AOO a such. You get a penalty, but it is not as suicidal.

    * All characters should automatically avoid using ranged weapons in melee for example. If the game follows PF core rules, the characters would logically refuse to do actions that cause an AOO, but the game could give you an optional pop-up warning to check if you insist on doing it anyhow... (warning that could be disabled in Settings).

    ( nb : predictably, some will argue that AOO is very core or hardcore, but then you should add the core Disengage and 5-Foot Step actions if you use that logic.)
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    Disengage and/or 5 Foot Steps of some kind would improve the game dramatically. The entire AOO system in PF is balanced around having options to move away from melee.

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