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Thread: Retreaaatttt!!!

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    i'm thinking about retreat ... In the beta test i encounter enemy too strong for my party or enemy that i cannot hit without special weapon or spell in all this encounter i died or i reload the party can't retreat in any way ... community/developer we can think about a system to retreat the party and return later when the party is ready to combat the enemy ?

    Thanks in advance for any opinion.

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    My opinnion is:
    AI is kind of "stupid". It is not developers fault really.
    What I mean is:
    You can (literally) go in at fort full of enemies, kill some of them, get back out, rest, get back in, kill more and open gate. Get out and rest, get back in, kill some more including monsters, get back out and get reinforcements AND STILL after multiple days these people inside fort do not realize anything is wrong. When you get back with reinforcements you can trigger final fight and ALL enemies allready killed including monsters are gone.. enemies still there are kind of "surprised" and battle go normally.

    Now if you might be able to even escape from this battle, let's say after you manage to kill just one enemy. Then rest and get back, kill another enemy and so on.. get where we are going here, right?

    So AI is stupid. Sure developers might try to make some random for these encounters.. ..but that would kind of ruin idea. Allso if these encounters would ALLWAYS reset it would literally mean some people would just leave one enemy paralyzed and retreat, then get back to get all the loot and XP again and again.

    I agree that it is not really in spirit of roleplaying to reload, but it is way faster (when you get half of your party dead and rest are near it would get easily multiple days to get back in shape anyway). Allso it is way faster for developers just ignore "retreat" option and add options for these encounters what we would describe "better AI" + "reinforcements" + "making defences" and stuff like that.
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    My example is the Treant Bear of the Elk Temple. The first time i attack i don't have nothing to bypass the resistance defence, instead of reload and go there later, maybe a button of retreat or something similar ... In the retreat you can get other damage or one party member killed ... i don't know some penality to recover.

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    If you did that then you should lose the cleric the bear is mauling forever.At least in that one case.

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    A little RPG approch ... the Bear wound the cleric deep but not to death so when you return and kill the Bear you can aid the cleric :P

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    Or you could reload the autosave

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