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    Your first PC full build + some talk from build (questions and answers + suggestions)

    Now when game is getting near it is time to start asking:
    What will be your first PC build be from level 1 to level 20?

    What I had in my mind is something like this:

    Aldori Defender, Human, Male, Lawful Evil.
    STR: 12
    DEX: 16(18)
    CON: 14
    INT: 14
    WIS: 10
    CHA: 13

    Skills & "why":

    - Perseption: he is Aldori "swordlord", highly trained (to be) and need to be able to notise enemy attacks, sneaking assasins and so on.

    - Persuation, he need to be able to use words, diplomacy and intimidate [allso in his feats] and time to time bluff.

    - Knowledge: World, he need to be able to rule later, so knowledge of history, politics (nobility), trade and so on are kind of "must", unless you want to be "idiot" ruler who are laughing stock around other rulers / councillors.

    (level) Feats: (Bonus fighter feat level: 1, 2, 4, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20)

    1: Exotic Weapon proficiency (Dueling Sword), Weapon finesse, weapon focus (Dueling Sword)
    2: Quick draw, Bravery +1
    3: Defensive Parry +1
    4: Dueling Mastery
    5: Disarming Strike, Weapon Training +1
    6: Bravery +2
    7: Steel Net, Defensive Parry +2
    9:Weapon training +2, Advanced Weapon Training +1
    10:Bravery +3
    11:Counterattack, Defensive Parry +3
    12:Improved Disarm
    13:Weapon training +3, Advanced Weapon Training +2
    14:Dazzling Display, Bravery +4
    15:Defensive Parry +4
    16:Weapon Specialization (Dueling Sword)
    17:Weapon training +4, Advanced Weapon Training +3
    18:Piranha Strike, Bravery +5
    19:Armor Mastery, Defensive Parry +5
    20:Lunge, Weapon Mastery

    I am open to suggestions, what feats are "wrong", what should I change and so on. Please try to give allso reasoning (so not just "your build is bad" but why it is bad and how you would change it and what that change would give this build)

    Was thinking maybe something like this in a look:

    Or maybe:
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    it is very nice. though i want to know why lawful evil, is there a story behind your PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    it is very nice. though i want to know why lawful evil, is there a story behind your PC.
    Nok Nok, Regongar, Octavia, Jaethal... really want them to be at my party they seem so interesting "people", most likely will add Harrim allso.

    Allso I plan to make atleast 3 run (good, evil, neutral). Another reason is that I really wanted to make Hellknight but we did not get enough cash.. atleast this way I get them in my kingdom (or get to fight them, but I think I can get them ally with me.. ..will see).

    + I tend to play "good" too often, so instead of neutral good druid or ranger I try to create light armour, finesse fighter in my first play time.

    It is allso kind of really rare to have option to play game where you have well made evil choices, not just "stupid evil where you kill all what move". I guess Tyranny was allso interesting in that way.
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    cool choices man, and yes Tyranny was hair-tearing

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    Nice character. Great choice of portraits.

    And Tyranny was great ^_^

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    Some more thoughts:

    Fighting style (early stage, level 2 or so):
    - Switch to Heavy Crossbow OR Pilum (how close enemies are? Pilum have 20 range, Heavy Crossbow 120)
    - Shoot once using Heavy Crossbow (later repeating crossbow maybe), move closer (or let enemies move) and switch to Pilum.
    - Throw Pilum (Benefit: Like ammunition, a thrown pilum that hits its target is destroyed. If you hit an shield-using opponent with a pilum, he loses the AC bonus from that shield until he takes a standard action to pry out the remnants of the pilum.) => move melee / throw more if need to.
    - Use Dueling Sword

    Level 4: Dueling Mastery: Prerequisite(s): Exotic Weapon Proficiency (dueling sword), Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (dueling sword). (Reason to take these feats before, one of the reasons anyway)
    Benefit(s): You gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks as long as you start combat with a dueling sword in your hand. As long as you wield only a single dueling sword in one hand (not using a shield, an off-hand weapon, armor spikes, unarmed strikes, or natural weapons), you gain a +2 shield bonus to your AC.

    Level 5: Disarming Strike, sadly only for level 12: Improved Disarm (so enemies do not get attack of opportunity.. ..except I need Combat Expertise, so have to take it first... "when a swordlord successfully disarms an opponent using a dueling sword, the swordlord also deals normal damage to the target, but without the normal Strength bonus to damage."

    Level 7: Steel Net: swordlord can throw up a blazing wall of steel to defend himself. When fighting defensively as a full-round action with a dueling sword, the swordlord’s penalties on all attacks in a round are reduced by 2, and the dodge bonus to AC is increased by 2 for the same round.

    Level 11: Counterattack: swordlord can make an attack of opportunity as an immediate action against an opponent who hits the swordlord with a melee attack, so long as the attacking creature is within the swordlord’s reach.

    - Level 12: Combat Expertise (lvl1 -1 attack rolls combat manouver checks +1 dodge to AC, lvl4 -2 / +2, lvl8 -3 / +3, lvl12 -4 / +4, lvl16 -5 / +5, lvl20 -6 / +6

    - Level 14: Improved Disarm (for reasons told before OR would it be better not to, and let them attack me so I can use Counterattack and attack them? So Lunge might be better option instead?)

    - Level 16: ?
    - Level 18: ?
    - Level 20: ?


    - Is it good enough to use Dazzling Display (lvl 16 or so, instead of throw like 4x Pilum?) because it take one full round (yes, in theory it can demoralize zounds of enemies in 30 feet radius) or maybe something else?

    - Piranha Strike (but then lvl1 -1hit +2DMG, lvl4 -2hit +4DMG, lvl8 -3hit +6DMG, lvl12 -4hit +8DMG, lvl16 -5hit +10DMG and lvl20 -6hit +12DMG when you have lvl:16 +16/+11/+6/+1 to hit [and 4 attack per round]) is it worth it?

    - How about Lunge: You can strike foes that would normally be out of reach.

    Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +6.

    Benefit: You can increase the reach of your melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn by taking a –2 penalty to your AC until your next turn. You must decide to use this ability before any attacks are made.

    - Or Weapon Specialization (you get +2 dmg for all damage rolls using this weapon)
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    My first run through will be straight 20 Greatsword paladin, love me some divine smite action. Second will be as a LN Universalist wizard and cosplay as Xin, Thassalion 2.0 here we go! Third run is of course the obligatory LE run to complete the trifecta of lawful runs, Cleric of Asmodeus to maximize the affability of my evilness and my love of Tyranny. Human for all the runs, just love the versatility of the extra skill rank.

    Paladin Favored class bonus skill ranks
    Str 16
    Dex 12
    Con 14
    Int 10
    Wis 8 (Not the best forward planner, why wait when there's HEROING to do?)
    Cha 18

    1st Toughness, Power Attack
    3rd Cleave
    5th Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
    7th Leadership (If implemented) OR Great Cleave
    9th Dodge
    11th Armor Focus (Full Plate)
    13th Iron Will
    15th Improved Iron Will
    17th Extra Lay on Hands
    19th Extra Lay on Hands

    Wizard Favored skill ranks hp
    Str 8
    Dex 10
    Con 10
    Int 20
    Wis 10
    Cha 16

    1st I assume the devs are replacing the Scribe Scroll feat with a free spell focus like in PFS, Spell focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning, Toughness
    3rd Superior Summoning
    Bonus+5th Extend Spell, Improved Initative
    7th Empower Spell
    9th Spell Focus (Evocation)
    Bonus 10th Maximize Spell
    11th Spell Penetration
    13th Spell Penetration, Greater
    Bonus+15th Spell Perfection, Widen Spell
    17th Elemental Spell
    19th ?
    Bonus 20th Immortality (In my head if nothing else)

    Cleric Favored Class Bonus HP
    Str 14
    Dex 12
    Con 13
    Int 10
    Wis 18
    Cha 14

    1st Toughness, Skill Focus (Persuasion)
    3rd Heavy Armor Proficiency
    5th Power Attack
    7th Martial Weapon Proficiency
    9th Improved Initative
    11th Extend Spell
    13th Armor Focus (Full Plate)
    15th Dodge
    17th ?
    19th ?

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    I think i'llgo for a Dragon Disciple.
    Something like...

    str 16 (+2 racial) 18
    dex 10
    cos 16
    int 8
    wis 10
    cha 17

    (first bonus in cha, others in str)

    2 levels of paladin (to add cha to hit and to saves)
    2 of monk - scaled fist (cha to armor... and dragon style!)
    1 of Sorcerer (draconic bloodline)
    10 Dragon Disciple
    5 eldritch knight

    That's 12 levels of arcane spellcasting.
    High strenght, hitpoint and armor... without armor!

    High persuasion for great RPG moment, very ihgt saves and divine graces too.

    Spells, Smite, Stunning fist, lay of hands, dragon breathe... it will be my king!
    Present day?
    Present time?

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    I've been thinking of an intimidate-focused paladin with a level of thug. The idea of a righteous warrior who frightens all the evildoers appeals to me. Something like:

    Human Paladin 19/Thug 1

    Str 16 (+2 racial) = 18
    Dex 12
    Con 14
    Int 7
    Wis 7
    Cha 16

    1: Weapon focus, power attack
    3: Dazzling Display (level of Thug)
    5: Intimidating Prowess
    7: Cornugon smash
    9: Skill focus: persuasion
    11: Persuasive
    13: Deceitful OR improved critical
    15: Accomplished sneak attacker
    17: Accomplished sneak attacker
    19: Accomplished sneak attacker

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    You can only take accomplished sneak attscker once.

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