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    Did Double Sword work in the beta or ever anywhere?

    I never participated in the beta, so I don't know, but was Double Sword implemented in earlier versions of the game only to be broken in a later patch, or has it never been properly implemented?

    For those that don't know: There is no option to take Double Sword in the exotic weapons feat, no option to take Double Sword in Weapon Focus, and seemingly no Double Sword weapons in the game, least that I've run into.

    The only reason I think they're to be included in the game at all is because they're listed in the exotic weapons feat, but otherwise it's as if they're not intended to be in the final release otherwise.

    Anyone ever even seen one at all? In the beta or as loot, or in a shop...Anywhere?

    And just for clarity, I'm not talking about dual wielding, I'm talking about the weapon "Double Sword".
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    You are right, there is no option in the Exotic Weapon Feat. But it is available for Weapon Focus (although not selectable without proficiency):

    And you can buy them (but they are named "Two-bladed Sword"):

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    Okay good to know. Guess I just have to wait for them to fix the proficiency bug.

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    So, strangely enough, they were never included in the Beta. It was a surprise when I saw them for sale. This could explain why they are missing things required to work, like the proficiency.

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    I think the animations aren't in the game yet, Like the simple sling* isen't in the game at this point, I imagine they weren't all that finished with the weapon animations when the game went live.

    *I'm not absolutely sure the sling isen't in game but I've played for a long time now and haven't seen a single one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anacronian View Post
    I think the animations aren't in the game yet
    I was able to get my hands on a Double Sword, along with the ability to use one, by making a new Sword Saint character. The animations for the Double Sword is basically identical to the Quarter Staff. Hopefully when they patch in the proficiency for it they'll add its own unique animations, because right now it doesn't look all that great.

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