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    Your first PC full build + some talk from build (questions and answers + suggestions)

    Now when game is getting near it is time to start asking:
    What will be your first PC build be from level 1 to level 20?

    What I had in my mind is something like this:

    Aldori Defender, Human, Male, Lawful Evil.
    STR: 12
    DEX: 16(18)
    CON: 14
    INT: 14
    WIS: 10
    CHA: 13

    Skills & "why":

    - Perseption: he is Aldori "swordlord", highly trained (to be) and need to be able to notise enemy attacks, sneaking assasins and so on.

    - Persuation, he need to be able to use words, diplomacy and intimidate [allso in his feats] and time to time bluff.

    - Knowledge: World, he need to be able to rule later, so knowledge of history, politics (nobility), trade and so on are kind of "must", unless you want to be "idiot" ruler who are laughing stock around other rulers / councillors.

    (level) Feats: (Bonus fighter feat level: 1, 2, 4, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20)

    1: Exotic Weapon proficiency (Dueling Sword), Weapon finesse, weapon focus (Dueling Sword)
    2: Quick draw, Bravery +1
    3: Defensive Parry +1
    4: Dueling Mastery
    5: Disarming Strike, Weapon Training +1
    6: Bravery +2
    7: Steel Net, Defensive Parry +2
    9:Weapon training +2, Advanced Weapon Training +1
    10:Bravery +3
    11:Counterattack, Defensive Parry +3
    12:Improved Disarm
    13:Weapon training +3, Advanced Weapon Training +2
    14:Dazzling Display, Bravery +4
    15:Defensive Parry +4
    16:Weapon Specialization (Dueling Sword)
    17:Weapon training +4, Advanced Weapon Training +3
    18:Piranha Strike, Bravery +5
    19:Armor Mastery, Defensive Parry +5
    20:Lunge, Weapon Mastery

    I am open to suggestions, what feats are "wrong", what should I change and so on. Please try to give allso reasoning (so not just "your build is bad" but why it is bad and how you would change it and what that change would give this build)

    Was thinking maybe something like this in a look:

    Or maybe:
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