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    Comprehensive Feat list

    There are a lot of feats in the game. I mean a lot of feats.
    So lets get started on a list!
    As of right now The following feats are known: (This is not done and feats will be continually added to this list)
    Ability Focus - Bombs
    Accomplished Sneak Attacker
    Agile Manuevers
    Arcane Strike
    Armor Focus
    Armor Proficiency (light)
    Armor Proficiency (medium)
    Armor Proficiency (heavy)
    Augment Summoning
    Bashing Finish
    Blinding Critical
    Boon Companion
    Bull Rush
    Cautious Fighter
    Cleaving Finish
    Clustered Shots
    Crushing Blow
    Combat Casting
    Combat Expertise
    Combat Reflexes
    Coordinated Defense
    Cornugon Smash
    Crane Riposte
    Crane Style
    Crane Wing
    Critical Focus
    Critical Mastery
    Crushing Blow
    Dazzling Display
    Deadly Aim
    Defensive Combat Training
    Deflect Arrows
    Deft hands
    Dirty Trick
    Double Slice
    Dragon Ferocity
    Dragon Style
    Elemental Focus
    Exhausting Critical
    Exotic Weapon Proficiency
    Extra Arcane Pool
    Extra Bane
    Extra Bombs
    Extra Channel
    Extra Lay on Hands
    Extra Performance
    Extra Rage
    Extra Rage Power
    Fury’s Fall
    Great Cleave
    Great Fortitude
    Greater Blind-Fight
    Greater Bull Rush
    Greater Dirty Trick
    Greater Disarm
    Greater Elemental Focus
    Greater Penetrating Strike
    Greater Spell Focus
    Greater Spell Penetration
    Greater Sunder Armor
    Greater Trip
    Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
    Greater Weapon Focus
    Greater Weapon Specialization
    Hammer the Gap
    Improved Blind-Fight
    Improved Cleaving Finish
    Improved Critical
    Improved Great Fortitude
    Improved Initiative
    Improved Iron Will
    Improved Lightning Reflexes
    Improved Shield Bash
    Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
    Iron Will
    Lightning Reflexes
    Lingering Performance
    Many shot
    Missile Shield
    Martial Weapon Proficiency
    Metamagic (Empower)
    Metamagic (Extend)
    Metamagic (Heighten)
    Metamagic (Intensify)
    Metamagic (Maximize)
    Metamagic (Quicken)
    Metamagic (Reach)
    Natural Spell
    Penetrating Strike
    Piranha Strike
    Point-Blank Master
    Point Blank Shot
    Power Attack
    Precise Shot
    Precise Strike
    Pummeling Bully
    Pummeling Charge
    Rapid Shot
    Seize the Moment
    Selective Channel
    Shake it Off
    Shield Bash
    Shield Focus
    Shield Master
    Shield Wall
    Sickening Critical
    Shield Proficiency
    Simple Weapon Proficiency
    Skill Focus
    Spell Focus
    Spell Penetration
    Spell Specialization
    Staggering Critical
    Steel Soul
    Stunning Fist
    Sunder Armor
    Superior Summoning
    Throw Anything
    Tiring Critical
    Tower Shield Proficiency
    Two Weapon Fighting
    Weapon Finesse
    Weapon Focus
    Weapon Specialization
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