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    Please issue keys in advance for appropriate editions.

    Hello. I'm eager to play the game and want to ask for two things in regards to pledges:

    1. Please issue keys to backers (and slacker backers) *before* release day.

    2. Please issue keys to backers (and slacker backers) for the edition matching their pledge tier.

    The failure of many devs to do these simple things has put me off crowdfunding - all too often preorder customers seem to get the better deal - they download the game while backers wait for keys, and they get all their goodies on Steam or GOG while backers get a stripped version and have to download their goodies from some other website that might be gone in a year.

    Obsidian did these things right with PoE 2 - keys were issued to backers well ahead of release for the edition on Steam or GOG matching (or most closely matching) their pledge tiers. Please follow their example - GOG can surely help get things sorted if needed as they've handled many Kickstarters/preorders (including PoE 2).

    Please take a little extra time to do it right and treat backers well! Thanks!

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    People are downloading and enjoying the classic Bard's Tale remaster today. Except backers of the new BT Kickstarter... They're still waiting for keys.

    inXile handled TToN backers poorly, too: Backers had to beg/demand to get the proper edition matching their pledge tiers, and the backer outfit pack was made available on Steam but not GOG - we had to wait and get it from the backer portal two weeks later.

    Please don't be like inXile.

    Edit: And it's official - BT backers don't get to play the remastered classic on release day.

    Edit: Keys issued. Crappy that backers had to wait until the next day to play. Don't be like inXile!
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    inXile screwed up again, making exactly the mistakes I've mentioned above:




    (and others...)

    Would Owlcat please offer some assurance that backers won't be treated the same way? Release is right around the corner... When are we getting keys?

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    There should be, but I don't know how early it will unblock.

    That is from question about pre-download in GoG and Steam (from steam forums). Based in that answer I have a really strong feeling that we get keys BEFORE we can do pre-download.

    So this is how I read it:
    - We will get download the game (and maybe install it, naturally not play it) before it will be released.
    - To be able to do that we need to have a key, so we WILL get to choose between GoG / Steam before release day (after all it would not be predownload if it happen AFTER release, right)
    - So we will GET keys most likely how I have been telling for some time by now, 24-48 hour before. MOST likely monday (24.9.2018). Based on fact that most often people do not work in sunday (not trying to say that Owlcat do not work hard and long, but I do hope they remember to rest).

    So here is my 2cent.
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    I will never back another InXile game after their past two releases. I'm still waiting on BT4 digital goods as well as many others.

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    Platform selection is live - I received and redeemed my GOG keys! Thank you, Owlcat - you rock! Excited to play tomorrow! :)

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