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    I want to upgrade to the tier with the DLC's but it won't let me.

    Will that be an option in the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazee View Post
    I want to upgrade to the tier with the DLC's but it won't let me.

    Will that be an option in the future?
    We know:
    Presumably the season pass will also be sold seperately upon game release, but there is no indication of that happening at this time.
    -You can also add on the digital items which are available with either the Noble or Royal edition separately on the Owlcat Preorder page (once the preorder page gets fixed).
    -The Season pass will include content which backers have asked for but which was not within the scope of the original kickstarter (stuff like new races, and classes).

    So I assume it will be possible. We just have to wait a bit and see if it will become Owlcat shop or only in GoG/Steam.
    My bet is (based on what was written there) that we first get option by using Owlcat own shop to update noble, royal and so on editions and most likely after game is released have option to buy "DLC pass only" option. Time will tell.
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    I've upgraded from premium digital download to Lore for $40 already because I know myself: if I wait for it to be fixed and I get distracted, then boom: the release date will have passed before I know it. Bye bye upgrade :) However, I am fully confident that once it is clear what the prices should be, any difference between what I paid now and what I should have paid, can be dealt with at that time.

    At least now I am no longer worried I'll miss out on the pre-order upgrade option.

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    I will still wait before I will upgrade and if nothing change before the release date then oh well have other games to play.

    But I'm not paying 40$ for something that should cost max 10$.
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    So I've been checking in on this for months and the game is releasing in like 3 weeks..... Hope this gets resolved at some point....... $40 for a $10-15 upgrade difference is very disheartening..
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    I just tried to upgrade as well and I am only given one choice to upgrade to at $40. Seems like the Kickstarter backers are getting the shaft.

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    Kickstarter backer too and not able to upgrade.

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    Hi there, any news about the ETA of upgrades? I'm a backer and would like to add season pass and (if its not too expensive) beta access, but i don't think those are available (upgrade only offers to premium and lore exlorer, non of which contains things i'm interested in)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Kickstarter backer too and not able to upgrade.
    Likewise a KS backer and while I can upgrade (for another 40 (54 CDN)) It's not letting me choose the platform yet (steam for me)

    But looking very forward to the release.

    Take care

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    I'm ok waiting, just hope I did my part correctly.

    I'm a KS backer at the $40 tier, and then I recently added another $40 with the upgrade button. I did follow the link. I'm not clear what to do from there. I made sure Steam is using the same email account as here (it wasn't). I really look forward to this game. :)

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