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    Special Aasimar available


    Are all aasimars available, or only the classical one ? For exemple, is it possible to play an Angel-Blooded aasimar ?

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    Yes. So that changes the bonus stats, the bonus skills, and the 1/day special ability.

    *edit* It turns out that 6 alternates is actually all of them, so yes :P
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    The 6 alternative Heritages do they give specific options: like Aasimar Feats, Alternate Aasimar Racial Traits & Racial Archetypes. Also will the physical traits of the heritage be displayed for example those of the 'Agathion-Blooded' hertiage can have animal like traits.

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    I don't know for sure but there aren't any alternate racial traits, archetypes or feats in the game so probably not. Don't know about the customization options though.
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