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    Looking for build

    My planned party setup:
    Linzi, Tristian, Valerie, Ekundayo and fifth spot is undecided. Maybe Amiri or Octavia.
    I'm planning to romance Tristian

    I would love to play as either a bard, druid or arcane class (not sure yet)
    I would love multiclass maybe as paladin/bard or bard/druid or Magus/bard, Wizard/Alchemist, Inquisitor/druid, + prestige classes included...
    Since I plan to play with Linzi, I feel like bard is obsolete.

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    Don't get drawn in too much by Linzi (a bard) already being in the party. You can focus on completely different bard builds between the two characters. And completely different archetypes too. Different spell selections. The characters can be worlds apart and still both be bards.

    Below are all bards, but the behave completely different and serve different roles both in and out of combat:

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    small info : The middle picture is the Skald class iconic Hakon. The skald class is something like a barbarian/bard.

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    The skald is a bard who plays heavy metal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Randal McStache View Post
    The skald is a bard who plays heavy metal.

    You mean he plays with his battle axe, right? :p

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    Now, I need to see a skald with an axe and a sax.
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