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    Advisors of your barony - how exactly do they work?

    I read through the forum and watched some youtube-videos. What I still try to understand:

    How are the bonuses of the advisors (e.g. High Priest) calculated?
    - Do they depend on level?
    - Do they depend on an attribute? If yes: which attribute for which advisory position?
    - Do certain amounts of skill ranks modify the bonuses?
    - Are there character-specific bonuses?
    - Do their bonuses grow if they succeed on advisory missions?

    Do advisors gain XP simply for being advisor or for being assigned to an advisory mission?

    Can I, as the ruler, try to solve every upcoming problem on my own or do I have to send an advisor on those missions?

    I hope some of you have insights I am lacking and are willing to share.

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    Every npc has certain advisor positions they can be put in. Not sure what governs their starting stat for that position but I tested stats with bumping them up by editing them and it didn't change. The bonuses do go up with success and down with failure on certain missions. You can also increase their skill with ranking up that skill with buildings that you can build in your barony or outside settlements. Of course this is from beta so who knows what has changed

    They do not gain xp by doing advisor mission. The baron can't do every mission.

    And if have access to beta forum this helps alittle,

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    Good thing is that they aligment and personality definetly count. Allso they can grow angry if you ignore they advices enough times and retire from position (what make sense).
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