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    Hello guys.

    I would like to make a Witch for my first playthrough. Will there be a Witch class in the game and if not, can I get some suggestions please on which classes to take to get as close as possible to a Witch type of class.

    I know, I'm a noob. :)

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    There's not going to be a witch.

    But you may take: Eldritch Scoundrel/wizard, Chiurgeon (alchemist subclass), Feyspeaker (druid subclass) or Archeologist (bard sublass).

    I haven't played the beta, but there's no thing as Witch or Witch build, but you can take equally awesome classes/subclasses...

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    It depends heavily on what you want your witch to do, what features are important to you.

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    Yea, no Hexes. Feyspeaker is probably the closest thematically that you're going to get. I can't think of a class that it very close mechanically

    Mechanically speaking, there's just not anything other than maybe a Rogue (Thug), or a Fighter with Dazzling Display that consistently debuffs enemies every round like Witch's Hex does. Maybe an Illusion or Enchantment Wizard, but they would run out of spell pretty fast if you're throwing them every round.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Here's hoping to Witches being in future DLC.

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