Now that the Game is released (and the bug report button is gone), I'm making a Bug thread so that the Devs can be apprised of any bugs taht pop up.

1. In either the first or second Scene of the Prologue, Linzi abruptly stops speaking for a paragraph when all her other lines in teh scene are fully voiced. I'm pretty sure that that paragraph used to be voiced, so it seems like a bug.

2. The chest in Oleg's only contained the Red Panda, Explorer's Belt, a cloak of resistance, and the Blessed Signet. No Owlcat, Faerie Dragon, Expert's hat, or mesmerizing necklace (which were all either preorder or community bonuses). I also haven't seen the Quirky spell yet? But I could just have not encountered it.

3. Moving when stunning fist is selected has you gliding across the field in the first Technic League Ambush.

4. The quest log in the prologue says "break the door to the armory". I'm pretty sure it's unlocked. I just opened it. It swung open. Definitely wasn't broken.