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    During gameplay, in the top right there is a strange strip of random colors.

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    There does not appear to be any visual display of wings granted by being an Aasimar or Dragon Disciple. Not sure if it's a bug or just a missing feature. I was hoping the wings would be as cool as the Aasimar halo.

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    When creating a Cleric of Erastril if you choose the "Animal Domain" you should get "Lore:Nature" as a class feat, that is not happening.

    Also when creating a cleric if you choose your god and domains if you want to change them before you finish creating your character you have to completely exit the game and restart. There is no way (at least not that I have found) to change your domains or deity without fulling exiting the game.

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    Playing on a Mac via Steam. So far have noticed:

    1. Graphics settings seem to revert to "high" each time I open the program.

    2. Can only load save files when I first open the program. If I try to load a save files after exiting from play to main menu, it gives an error. This may affect the new game option as well, I can't recall.

    3. Weird colors in top right.

    4. Wizard selecting a familiar, saw a ranger option (I think the bond with companions thing? It was weird)

    5. Playing a freebooter ranger, if I set freebooter's bane to "automatic" it is activated every single round (using the move action), when it should be activated only once and then persist till enemy is dead.

    6. In the encyclopedia, the Ranger entry only lists the combat style feats for archery before being cut off. So the only way to see the options for the other styles is to create a ranger and level her to 2 (picking a style for the first time seems to be the only time you can view all style options).

    7. Relatedly, not a bug but a big oversight: no way to access encyclopedia from main menu or in character creation, so can't plan builds—have to go into a saved game, read around in the encyclopedia, close the entire game program (due to loading bug above), restart, and *then* create a character.

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    The scene with Tuskgutter and oleg if its supposed to be voiced it just made really odd sounds(possibly ember?)

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    Playing on a PC, through Steam.

    Here are some bugs I've noticed.

    1.) The Acrobatics ability seems to be unlocked by putting a rank into Athletics, not Mobility.

    2.) When I go to Linzi's spellbook and select the level-0 spells tab, the text on the left page reads "Each day, a wizard can prepare a number of cantrips..." (Obviously, Linzi is a bard, not a wizard.)

    3.) My baron is an inquisitor, and - likewise - his spellbook's level-0 spells page reads "Each day, clerics can prepare a number of orisons..."

    4.) The menu icon's for the fighter's Bonus Combat Feats (or maybe just Valerie's?) reads "FFS." Shouldn't that be "BCF," or something similar?

    5.) On her "Abilities" tab (and on the level-up screen when I selected it at level 2), Amiri's "Guarded Stance" rage power appears twice.

    6.) This isn't a bug so much as a deeply misleading grammatical mistake, but on my baron's summary page, his alignment shifts are listed as things like "Alignment shifted to Lawful Neutral" or "Alignment shifted to Neutral Good." This should say "shifted toward," not "shifted to."

    7.) My baron is an aasimar. After certain scene transitions, the graphical effect of his Light Halo appears to turn off (even though it stays toggled on).

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    Playing on PC, Steam version:

    Keen weapon enchantment doesn't work:

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    Tested now the new pathfinder_kingmaker_1_0_0_23989 GOG release for Linux:

    1. The "No Music & No Combat Sound" bug still persists.

    2. The Sage Sorcerer's unnamed ability/feature with purple flame icon still persists.

    3. The naming bug which registers every entered keystroke as double still persists.

    4. Still no Linux native .sh versions of the pre-order/kickstarter tier .exe's are to be found on GOG.

    5. Hitting the "Open Portraits Folder" button at character creation still crashes the game to desktop.

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    1. Under description for weapon finesse, dueling sword is not listed (should be listed either here or under 'exotic weapon proficiency' that it is finessable, unless it is planned to be a "secret").

    2. Magus (kensai) does not gain bonus spell slots due to high Int.

    3. Stalwart Defender feat tree displays 'improved uncanny dodge' twice.

    4. Encyclopedia: Rune and Void domains referred to but do not have entries. When moused over in deity descriptions, displays empty field.

    5. Encyclopedia: Domains sometimes written out as "X domain", sometimes just "X".

    6. Exit causes game to crash or at least hang for 1 min.

    7. In game, exit to main menu to create new character causes an error pop-up followed by severely bugged character creation process (naked characters, half the options missing, displays wrong portrait) which eventually freezes half way through, no going back or forward. Have two screencaps but typing on phone so cannot post now.

    8. Game takes 5 mins to boot up.

    Win10, AMD A8-7100 Radeon R5, 8GB

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    Aasimars celestial resistance seems not to work.
    Tested it with a Abjurer Aasimar.

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