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    Arcane Strike Feat not adding +1 damage.
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    Activating arcane strike use a swift action every round, so if you use any other ability that uses a swift action it stop working. From what I see it happen way too often, sometime even if you are using he bard perform ability, that use a standard or move action, unless you reach a high level. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cain View Post
    for me the penalty is applied, but i also get the same as a bonus from TSS.
    Thanks. I did not see that, but I'll check in a week when I can play again...

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    Tristian dissapears from Group after last Patch (1.0.8)


    after the todays patch, Tristian dissapears from all my savegames of my group. His place in group is empty and i cant recruit him back.
    Pls fix that.


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    Found two things so far.

    1) One of the loading screen tips says "leaving beings" instead of "living beings"
    2) The mouse-over description for "Size" seems broken. (Found this on Linzi's character screen.) I'd attach an image but I really can't figure out how. The error reads: [unknown key: 262106f3-1c12-4354-a418-41098348c801]

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    With the new patch I was on Flintlock Grasslands sneaking around with Amiri and when I loaded my save it sent me out to a confrontation with Lander. Since I couldn't survive with only Amiri I reloaded a save outside of the Flintlock grasslands and re-entered, which send me straight to the confrontation with Lander, skipping the whole barbarian camp thing.

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    Here's a pretty hilarious bug that I encourage you to leave in: NPCs in town will react to your animal companion as if it were you, which will lead to things like people bowing to and saluting your dog.
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    I just started a new game creating a Fighter with high Dexterity (18). When I equip her with a Chainshirt (+4Ac/+4 max Dexterity) her Ac is 17, when I give her a Breastplate (+5/+3) her AC is 18 (correct). I tried with Heavy Shield and in both cases the sum is correct (19 and 20, but they both should be 20).
    Second experiment with Padded Armor (+1/+8 max Dexterity), her Ac is correctly 15, but when I try to equip Heavy Shield, her AC goes to 16 instead of 17. I tried to un-equip everything and do the math again, but the problem is persisting.

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    I have noticed that if I returned to my kingdom with a damaged and in rested party, and let time pass, only the main hero recovers and regains abilities per day. This is also frustrating that to remove the deaths door debuffnit says see a healer in town, but the healer at my kingdom can only be talked to by the main character due to no party formation yet. Would be nice if everyone healed after hanging out in town for a month....

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    "Wilderness encounter" in the Narlmarches featuring a kobold flame shaman and 2-3 trolls; it starts with a storybook section. I've reloaded several times but my party keeps fighting a fourth, invisible troll after the other four enemies appear to be defeated (according to the combat log). This fourth, invisible troll doesn't seem to fight back. (And yes, I did finish off the first three trolls with acid, they're definitely dead.)

    My party does eventually defeat the fourth, invisible troll, but then the three regular trolls and kobold cannot be looted until the "Leave Area" screen.

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