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    Bug report - touch of fatigue on sword saint with archaeologist levels
    In version 2.0.5c:

    Using a Spellstrike Touch of fatigue as a spell combat action with levels in Archeologist and Sword Saint calculates the Archeologist concentration (the lowest) when casting defensively instead of Sword Saint's concentration (the highest). This is also through both Tof that are given through the different caster classes which should not give the possibility to give an extra attack regardless of the Bard class.

    This makes Touch of fatigue and the extra attack from the combination useless and is a major bug.

    2lvls in Archeologist
    3lvl(and beyond) in Sword Saint

    This issue persists in 2.0.6

    To clarify, as soon as you take levels in archeologist, (in this case at lvl5 - Sword Saint 3/traditional monk 1/archeologist 1) Spellstrikeing with Touch of fatigue as a spell combat action start using the wrong concentration check (using the archeologist levels and charisma modifier instead of sword saint level and intelligence modifier).
    This should not be possible as the archeologist can't use Spellstrike and Spell Combat Action with archeologist spell list.

    As stated in the description of Spell Combat:
    .. and can also cast any spell from the magus spell list with a casting time of...

    Description of Spellstrike:
    ... , whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of "touch" from the magus spell list, ...

    Also to note is that when the level of archeologist is invested in, a second (2) Touch of fatigue is added to the Spellbook bar above the quick slots, even though no bards get Touch of fatigue as a cantrip.
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