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    I have a bug where the DC for Nimbus of Light ability is 0.

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    Since the last update (I think the hotfix after the EE) the enemies' natural armor bonus is doubled, meaning they're much harder to hit. It even says so on their statscreen (e.g. + 11 natural armor; + 11 natural armor).

    Suffice it to say, I've ... stopped playing for now. Not only am I extremely stuck in Vordakai's tomb, but all Cyclopes and Soul Eaters have +10 or more to their AC, which isn't fun.

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    I've noticed the following problems since Patch 2.0.0

    1: Trying to make a new character deletes all but 4 of my custom portraits for some reason, which *also* deletes the pictures in my saves. As a result, I either have to not make new characters, or if I decide to make new characters I also need to go back and copy/paste the vast majority of my portraits back where they belong.

    2. (Noticed as of Patch 2.0.2). Any time I unequip an accessory, the items in the accessory section of my inventory seem to jumble around. In addition, when I do this, a duplicate of the accessory appears in my inventory, though if I equip one they both vanish from my inventory.

    3. Load times are worse than any other time I've played, by *far*.

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    maybe a bug.

    dlc 3, secret door discovered , clicked and party can not go on further the door

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    Regongar can't pick "false life" anymore in the spell selection when i get a level up. I used to be able to pick it, maybe necromancy spells aren't working for magus anymore?

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