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    This bug is second hand. I have been told that Undead Jaethal is not immune to effect of a magical weapon that does 2d6 negative energy to targets but 1d6 to its wielder. I have seen that weapon while playing the game but unfortunately I don't know its name. But undead are immune to all negative damage and not only that but it should be healing them.

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    Hello dear developers, I already reported this bug, but as it is currently keeping me from advancing the story for fear of messing up my save game, I thought I'd post the problem here as well. I am on game version 1.2.3 and doing Hour of Rage after Betrayer's Flight. As of patch 1.2, this should not affect my ability to save Nilak's life for Amiri's personal quest. However, while, after the dialogue that describes the Defaced Sister standing over a bound and kneeling Nilak and Dugath with a gleaming dagger in her hand, Amiri steps in and kills the Sister before she can harm Nilak, subsequent dialogue with Armag still acts as if Nilak was killed by the Sister, even though she can be seen in the background, still bound but very much alive.

    Another problem that I wanted to bring to your attention is that the game freezes and becomes unresponsive every single time I use the exit to desktop feature. I then have to pull up the task manager and close Pathfinder Kingmaker and get another message that the game does not respond and have to confirm shutting it down again. Unfortunately, I could not issue a bug report regarding this issue, due to the freezing.

    Thanks for your hard work!

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    Some people might not find this a bug but I do. Druid lvl 7 spell Changestaff requires a quarterstaff as a material component but nobody in our capital sells that basic weapon. Come on devs, please put quarterstaffs into someone inventory in the capital or remove that requirement from the spell.

    I managed to find ONE masterwork quarterstaff in Oleg's shop but the spell would not recognize that one as its component. Not that it changes much even if MW version worked.. it is not like it would be cool to be able to cast that spell only once per game :D
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    Another irritating bug I found with using Quicken Spell Rods.

    My Octavia uses a dagger that gives her +3 dodge but I have Acid Splash on autocast so she never goes into melee and uses acid splash until I tell her to cast a spell.

    But when I turn on Quicken Spell rod and cast a spell, right after she fires the spell she decides to run into melee instead of continuing to spam Acid Splashes. Rod is still on right after she casts that spell as I didn't have time to turn it off yet.

    Maybe it happens because you cannot use those rods with cantrips so it disables the cantrip or maybe you can use that rod with cantrip but since I already used it once game disables the cantrip as a result.

    In any way, this should not happen. Quicken should not disable or ignore what we set as autocast. Turn off Quicken rod automatically right after it is used or something else.

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    Also I experimented further with Bard song not starting after combat starts. In a new campaign I am playing Linzi is pure bard now. She is still lvl 7 or more where activating her bard song becomes Move action. This problem didn't appear before lvl 7.
    I tried turning off arcane strike and rapid shot and even her AI and just click bard song (Inspire Courage) and she still does not want to start playing after her initiative comes around. If AI is ON she just attacks people with her bow, if it is OFF she just stands there and does not want to start using Inspire Courage.

    At this point I am pretty sure that her ability that makes activating song a move action is somehow the problem of all this.

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    When you cast Heroism from Cloak of Heroism it lasts only 20 minutes. Since minimal caster level to cast Heroism is lvl 5, duration should be at least 50 minutes (like the Heroism potions).

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    I cannot loot items from enemies killed while under the effects of Baleful Polymorph. While not game breaking, I am missing out on items from one of the Gnomes in Irovetti's Treasure Room, and Engelidis, Irovetti's Naga lover.

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    Every time I get crowned at the end of Chapter 4 my game freezes. I have tried reloading it and redoing the ceremony 4 times. Happens every time.

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    When you have finished the dream of Nyrissa + the 3 subquests for pitax troubles, your log quest says "go to pitax". It's a place where I had not been, since in my previous run, I stopped just at that point and restarted a game. This time, I knew it was event-blocked so I didn't bother to try.

    So this time, since the log quest said so, I went to Pitax and the text with judge walsh started. I had to leave.

    So I thought I had to wait another event.
    But in fact no. When the judge prevents you to enter the city? just retry, and this time, you can go in...

    It's very disturbing and counter-intuitive...

    I spent 140 days in my capital doing upgrades while waiting... for nothing.

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    Another bug. Troll Wilderness map (map that Dwarven Stronghold courtyard is on), top left there is a button that is supposed to be Athletics check to climb on the wall. It says Unknown Key and a bunch of numbers and letters when you mouse over it.

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