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    Two Weapon Fighter: Overhand Chop Not Being Applied

    Fighter , 20 str , two handed earth breaker = 2d6+7 damage.. should be 2d6+10

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    Posted these on steam forum aswell, but here they are.

    1. Feather Tokens Quest, when you give them to the fey npc she frees her hostages, the screen becomes black and they dissapear. The lumberjack talks like they died even tho they were released.

    2. This one is ruining my save, when i try to enter my main square it tries to send me to the tavern and i get this error This one is gamebreaking so i really hope anyone knows a fix or it gets fixed fast.

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    The game is essentially unplayable for me right now. When playing the game, any time the game gives me camera control, the camera moves up and to the left.

    I press the keys to get it to go some other way and it will do that, but as soon as I release the keys, it goes back to up and to the left.

    I've rebooted, I've verified that I don't have any other devices attached (like a gamepad or anything), and I can't seem to fix it.

    I've rebound the camera movement keys (which btw, unbinding WASD does not stop them from working), I've removed all the various options for moving the camera (mouse at edge, etc)

    Nothing seems to fix it. This is the steam release on windows.

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    The fight with the the three trolls and kobold shaman. Fight is unable to win because of a phantom troll or something. Trolls pulled away just go back to the spot and attack you. And the characters just keep swinging it like morons.

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    I found the cause. I have a 3dconnexion space mouse for blender. like I noted in my report, it was not connected, but if the driver is even running, the game always has the map scrolling to the upper left corner

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    Yes this why is this a thing. What's the point of having that racial power if I can't use my Orc double axe like I wanted.

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    Only to report that toggling screen edge scroll to the "off" or "x" position, does not turn it off. Otherwise there are some minor glitchy things in character creation like being unable to unselect certain things, like domain, without restarting character creation. PC Windows version.

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    Coming out of the Capitol tavern for the first time I received the following error:

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    So Amiri is consistently not visible in combat till her first attack. She isn't INVISIBLE, as the spell, she's just a non-visible model and a green circle.

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    Draconic Claws Bloodline Power doesn't actually do anything.

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