I did all the quests for Jubilost, at the end of the "Door to Nowhere" I had him gave up his immortality to a random gnome suffering from Bleachling.
At the house at edge of time. He refused to side with Nyrissa and got finger of death cast on him. But unlike Nok-Nok (who basically got the same treatment) He was dead-dead.

This really ruined my game as he was my favorite companion and I put in every effort to did his quests.

Otherwise, all my other companion all survived ( except for Jaethal, i ruined her quest so it was expected, and Linzi was quest related)

Please help, if there is some way to can manually fix this somehow I will do it so I don't get pissed off, spent 300 hrs in this game don't want this to ruin it.

Many thanks